Bard Circle 7th Mar 22 (OOC)

This Bard Circle we had some improv around the concept of “Fleas”!

Persi (persiphone.karu):

The little being traveled so far
He didn’t know a ball from a bar.
He scuttled here and there
And went near and far.
He bumped into a greasy hair
Wondered how on earth he got there.
He started scratching around
Then a large THING almost put him in the ground.
He shifted around and then yelled with all his might:
“I am a Flea
Can’t you See?”
With that the big THING squished him to the ground.

The End

Kumi Kiyori:

Stoney Maloney
A surfer he be
Came to Cenaturia
To see what he could see.
The waves were small,
but the Taurs ran free.
And in no time at all
Our Stoney became a flea!

(Huzzah Roonwit… and Kumi Shroomies)

[15:33] Stoney Maloney (hagbard.hyx): :O
[15:33] ɱօօռίε Kἶʂოεէ (aiwena): hahahhaaha
[15:33] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): wooo!


The fleas lined up in silks of radiant colors and fashionable designs. Some of the fleas stretched, some warbled, some rubbed bits of sand for good luck. All of the fleas were ready, and the show must go on.

All but one flee named Fleabert. As they all passed one by one into the tent, Fleabert looked up at the wire he had practiced so hard to balance. Clowns juggled, singers wailed, and acrobats began to fly across the stage in a menagerie of sights and sounds. Fleabert swallowed hard and prepared to jump.

Fleasley slapped him hard on the back and he tumbled forward crashing into the clowns. Their balls flew at the singers who made the most ghastly sounds, distracting the acrobats who went flying in all directions…

In the middle of the chaos sat poor Fleaslely, who quietly got up and left the tent. He knew he would be blamed for this. He was always blamed for this. Silently he removed his silken garments and hopped on the first dog south. Oh well, he thought taking a great slurp, fattening up like a balloon. Maybe the circus life just isn’t for me.



Julala Demina:

There once was a flea called Brian
he was not really a flea to rely on
Ocassionally he would forget stuff
or he’d just feel he’d had enough
and before you knew it he had long gone

There once was a flea called Mary
she could be kinda scary
like she’s sneak up on you all ninja like
when you least expect it she would strike
I’m just saying you might wanna be wary

There once was a flea called Simon
was friends with a fruit fly called Ian
Julala noticed that Ian had powers
to leap through time, space and flowers!
Julala discovered RL teleporting, just saying!

(you would need to have heard the story of Ian the fruit fly to understand)

There once was a flea called Stoney
Who hated to be on his own…y
They lay on a cushion
as green as the bush…..on…
the ground there beside Moonie!



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