Herbalism Class – Archaion Academy

 Lil Cinnamon : hello your Majesty

 Marilina smiles at the teacher

 Julala Demina: don’t you all look just adorbs

 Marilina sticks her tongue to Bryt

 Fearne observes Mari and Dixie and the teacher, as someone watches a tennis match

 Brytestar : hi your highness!

 Julala Demina: Hello everyone 🙂

 Lil Cinnamon : don’t they look adorable

 Marilina : greetings Queen Julala

 Julala Demina: absolutely

 Fearne smiles bright “hiii misses yours highnesses”

 Lucian tries to hide a look of shock (and possibly faint horror) as it flashes across his face.

 Lil Cinnamon : Are you alright, Lucian?

 Humormii whimpers softly and tries to wipe the taste off her tongue

 Fearne smiles so much as she sees Mille and gestures for her , that she could take a table next to her

 Mille : Hello Mis Cinny!

 Mille : squeee hi Feare!

 Lil Cinnamon : Hello Mille!

 Marilina turns her head as she listens to some type of noise coming out of Fearne’s backpack

 Mille : Fearne

 Lil Cinnamon : kids you have exactly  minutes to finish snacks and put them away…. in case you have any…. *looks at Fearne and giggles*

 Marilina whispers to Mille “don’t bump the table or the teacher will give you time out”

 Mille ‘s eyes go wide and she nods at Mari.

 Lil Cinnamon looks up at the sky as the clouds move away…

 Lil Cinnamon : wow the sun came out

 Brytestar nibbles the last piece of spicy jerky and zips up her pouch

 Brytestar : is spring time finally! sunshines!

 Lil Cinnamon : very appropriate for our class

 Lil Cinnamon counts kids…. ok.. I think we have one more table for Mae….

 Persi: Blessed be everyone

 Mille munches the last of her popcorn and settles down and looks around

 Lil Cinnamon : hello Persi, join us please

 Fearne feels her face flush red, and hurries like a lot to look down at her fiddling fingers, and then peeking over her shoulder at her pet.. “shhhhs beee quitess.. I told you  to beehave”

 Lil Cinnamon starts writing on the blackboard, meanwhile Mae arrives…

 Marilina  raise her paw

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari?

 Mille gives a small paw-pump

 Marilina : I know what a herb is

 Lil Cinnamon : nods, you answer in a bit when class has started, Mari

 Lil Cinnamon : Mae!!

 Lil Cinnamon : oh there is Kumi!!

 Lil Cinnamon : come join in Kumi

 Lil Cinnamon : I think we are complete now, we can start

 Mille waves excitedly to Kumi!

 Kumi Kiyori waves as she trots to an empty desk

 Humormii hugs Kumu and MaeMae

 Fearne fiddles with the paper on the table.. bends and unbends the edges carefully

 Lil Cinnamon : Alright… good afternoon class.  Welcome to our first herbalism class in Centauria

 Marilina : good afternoon teacher

 Mae Avalon-Sinnach takes up a place in the back to listen and take notes but where the little ones can see.

 Mille : afternoon Miz Cinny

 Persi brushes off all the stuff off her desk… it’s so messy

 Lil Cinnamon : In this class we are going to learn about different types of herbs and their properties, we’ll be learning to make herbal preparations – don’t drop that Persi –  starting with the very basic and simple ways, and we’ll later on in further classes get to more intricate salves and potions.  so now… *points at the blackboard* who can tell me what an herb is??

Marilina : me

Marilina raise paw

Lil Cinnamon : Mari?

Marilina : herb is a large group of animals, when they are together

Kumi Kiyori giggles

Lil Cinnamon : umm… no no that’s not an herb

Kumi Kiyori raises hand

Brytestar  raises a paw! ooh oh me!

Lil Cinnamon : that”s a herd…. .. laughs* anyone else?

Lil Cinnamon : Kumi?

Kumi Kiyori: Me Uncle! Uncle Herb!

Mille giggles

Lil Cinnamon chuckles….no.. anyone? What do we call an herb??

Mille shyly raises paw

Mae Avalon-Sinnach smiles behind her hand, pretending to rub something away from her face

Brytestar raises paw again!

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mille?

 Kumi Kiyori slumps while hiding giggle in her hand

 Fearne laughs and raises hand

 Mille : Its a kind of plant I think?

 Lil Cinnamon : yes, Mille…

 Lil Cinnamon : FEarne?

 Kumi Kiyori cheers

 Mille grins

 Lil Cinnamon : and Dixie? do you know what an herb is?

 Fearne:  ” a pretty flower?” she more ask it than answer

 Humormii: stares at her paper in bewilderment

 Lil Cinnamon : um… it can be a pretty flower

 Brytestar : i fink its a plant but you can EATS it

 Lil Cinnamon : hahaha true… that too

 Mille : oh like a carrot?

 Marilina starts writing in her notebook

 Brytestar : like a leafs

 Persi raises hand

 Lil Cinnamon : well, herbs are in simple terms

 Lil Cinnamon : a plant that enriches our lives, either flavouring our food

 Lil Cinnamon : -so we can eat yes-

  Lil Cinnamon : maybe miss Mae can tell you more about it

 Mae Avalon-Sinnach smiles

 Lil Cinnamon : or help us in a meditation, or it an be a ingredient in a perfume, candle or incense

 Lil Cinnamon : or as a healing essence in a medicinal tea, salve or potion

 Fearne nods and start to draw a carrot, and whispers ” caaarrot” really slowly

 Lil Cinnamon : laughs at Fearnel -who can tell me examples of herbs??

 Kumi Kiyori waves arm wildly in the air

 Mille  scribbles in her notebook, attempting to spell the big words

 Lil Cinnamon points at the table beside

 Marilina raises paw

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari

 Marilina : seaweed?

 Lil Cinnamon : yes, seaweed can be an herb

 Lil Cinnamon : Who else?

 Brytestar taps her paw to her snoot, thinking, then raises it

 Lil Cinnamon : yes pup

 Persi raises paw

 Brytestar : Basil and thyme?

 Lil Cinnamon : yes and yes

 Humormii raises hand

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Humi?

 Humormii: Trembles “Aloe”

 Lil Cinnamon : aloe! good example

 Miro raises hand.

 Lil Cinnamon : haha yes Miro….

 Fearne looks in the directing she points and narrow her eyes, and raises a hand

 Mille cranes neck to look at the big centaur who raised his hand

 Miro (miroaiib): saffron

 Lil Cinnamon : saffron, yes… good -and expensive- example

 Lil Cinnamon : Fearne

 Persi: oregano, chives, pepper, sage

 Fearne  ” a laaavendor” she ask and look up at the teacher

 Brytestar : ohohoh! *raises paw*

 Fearne : *look

 Lil Cinnamon : lavender! correct

 Lil Cinnamon : Bryte?

 Brytestar : CIMAMMIM

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahaha

 Julala Demina chuckles

 Lil Cinnamon : Cinnamon

 Fearne laughs

 Lil Cinnamon : good!

 Mille laffs

 Lil Cinnamon : all these are great examples of herbs

 Brytestar wags her tail 

 Persi: parsley and cilantro

 Lil Cinnamon : Now, how would you think our ancestors figured out what herbs to select or harvest?

 Mille wrinkles nose at hearing cilantro

 Brytestar : if they smells good??

 Marilina : by tasting them?

 Persi: if they tasted good

 Mille : tastes good?

 Fearne makes big eyes and looks at Persi really impressed

 Lil Cinnamon : yes, yes…

Lil Cinnamon : by trial and error definitely

 Lil Cinnamon : how else??

 Fearne raises a hand

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Fearne

 Humormii raises hand

 Fearne  “perhaps their mum and dad had told them” she smiles

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Fearne!! by passing the knowledge

 Lil Cinnamon : How else, Humi?

 Mille raises hand

 Humormii: trading with other herds

 Lil Cinnamon : hmmmm.. correct, it’s another way of passing our knowledge to others

 Mae Avalon-Sinnach lifts a hand, but lets all the little ones go first

 Lil Cinnamon : Mille?

Mille : did they read in cookbooks?

Lil Cinnamon : hahahaha yes

 Mille smiles big

 Fearne smiles at Mille impressed also

 Lil Cinnamon : well, our ancestors figured out how to harvest herbs also by OBSERVING the plants that wild animals ate

 Mille : oohhhhhhhhh

 Lil Cinnamon : also through inspiration and creative thought

 Lil Cinnamon : mixing around, experimenting

 Lil Cinnamon : and as we mentioned before, by trial and error

 Lil Cinnamon : Over time, oral tradition, and later on written documents have accumulated through the years

 Lil Cinnamon : and passed on through generations

 Fearne  “oooh..”

 Marilina nods and keeps writing

 Lil Cinnamon : In ancient beginnings, one early use of herbs was ritual and magic

 Lil Cinnamon : ask any Roonwit *smiles*

 Mille notices Mari writing, realizes she forgot to keep up

 Lil Cinnamon : As our thought became more intricate, early beliefs evolved into holistic healing

 Lil Cinnamon : holistic means “whole”

 Lil Cinnamon : write that down

 Mille writes wholeistic

 Lil Cinnamon : incorporating mind body and spirit, like in india or china

 Brytestar nods and writes on her paper

 Lil Cinnamon writes the word in the chalkboard

 Mille scratches it out, writes HOLISTIC

Brytestar : hoooll…isss tik…. mhmh. gots it

 Marilina writes the word down HORRIFIC..scratch…HOLISTIC

Lil Cinnamon : in Africa we find the most diverse herbal traditions, egyptians produced the “EBERS PAPYRUS”, which is a scroll of more than 800 herbal prescriptions that encourage physicians to address the whole person – mind, body and spirit

 Fearne stenching her neck to try and see what Mille writes, and looks at her own paper, now even more folded, but with lots of flowers and carrot drawing

 Lil Cinnamon : Now…. What types of herbs do we have? I’ll give you an example

 Marilina raise paw

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari?

 Marilina : teacher can you please reapeat what you just said

 Marilina : about 800 smething

 Lucian (elfame) dips his quill into an inkpot on his belt and continues writing, the tip making quick scratching motions over the page.

 Mille  tries to imagine writing  things… hopes Miz Cinny doesn’t give that as homework… feels a knot in her belleh

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari

 Lil Cinnamon : Egyptians produced a document called “Ebers Papyrus”

 Lil Cinnamon : it is a scroll of  herbal prescriptions….

 Marilina : raise paw

 Lil Cinnamon : *slows down*

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari?

 Marilina : but is it 800 or 811

 Lil Cinnamon :  811 to be exact

 Miro raises hand.

 Brytestar : so many….

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Miro

 Lil Cinnamon : yes! imagine all those remedies

 Lil Cinnamon : I need that in my library hahah

 Mille picks up a stick and starts pushing the little flower on her desk around

 Miro :  different herbs or  different usages?

 Lil Cinnamon :  different remedies… recipes or prescriptions

 Lil Cinnamon : usages

 Miro nods

 Lil Cinnamon : ok now…

 Lil Cinnamon : What types of herbs can we have?

 Lil Cinnamon : I start with an example….

 Julala Demina: gosh with that many they probably had a cure for stinky goblin…..

 Lil Cinnamon : leaves, barks,…. what eelse?

 Fearne listens really carefully, and imagines them old wrinkled Egyptians with flowers

 Brytestar : flowers!

 Kumi Kiyori giggles

 Miro snorts

 Lil Cinnamon : flowers yes!

 Mille : berries?

 Kumi Kiyori: Shrooooomies!

 Julala Demina laughs

 Lil Cinnamon : FRUITS! correct

 Mille giggles at Kumi

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Kumi!

 Mille : seeds!

 Lil Cinnamon : seeds!!

 Lil Cinnamon : correct

 Lil Cinnamon writes on chalkboard

 Mille : um um… roots?

 Lil Cinnamon : one more we are missing out

 Fearne  “Vegetables likes them carrots?

 Lil Cinnamon : exactly Mille!

 Kumi Kiyori: Roots

 Lil Cinnamon : omg these kids are so smart

 Mille : yeah like a carrot root

 Lil Cinnamon : exactly

 Lil Cinnamon : Now, how should we harvest our elements??

 Lil Cinnamon : This is a very interesting question

 Kumi Kiyori: With my hands

 Fearne beams a smile, and feels how she most at least have grown inch

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahaha

 Marilina raise paw

 Lil Cinnamon : Mari

 Marilina : wearing gloves

 Fearne raises a hand

 Lil Cinnamon : Fearne

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Fearne?

 Fearne:  uhhm misses teacher, what is an element?”

 Lil Cinnamon : any of these here in the list

 Fearne  “ahhh”

 Marilina whispers to Fearne “dun know but say anything”

 Brytestar : by…..eats them

 Mille raises paw

 Lil Cinnamon : For many people, it wouldn’t matter if we take one or ten or a hundred leaves…

 Lil Cinnamon : one mushroom or all of them, or harvest a fruit to take the seeds and discard the rest

 Lil Cinnamon : However…

 Kumi Kiyori GASPS

 Mille lowers paw hearing Kumi gasp

 Lil Cinnamon : as centaurs we are more attuned with Mother nature, so it is very important to show appreciation for the elements we gather from her

 Marilina raise paw

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari

 Kumi Kiyori glares through lidded eyes daring anyone to take all her shroomies

 Marilina : why discard the rest of the fruit and just keep the seeds, the rest of the fruit tastes good

 Brytestar : ooooh….not hurts the thing we take from!!

 Lil Cinnamon : exactly Mari

 Lil Cinnamon : Yes Bryte!!

 Miro: process as much as possible to get the least amount of waste

 Mille : and leave some seeds to grow

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Miro…

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mille, correct

 Fearne nods in a agreement

 Kumi Kiyori lets out her breath

Lil Cinnamon : Kumi are you alright?

 Kumi Kiyori: I thoughted they gonna take all me shroomies

 Lil Cinnamon : nobody will finish all the shroomies, we’ll take care of that *Smiles*

 Mille  looks at Kumi… “you okay?”

 Kumi Kiyori wipes her brow

 Lil Cinnamon : Exactly. First of all… when we are harvesting from a plant, a tree or a bush, we never ever kill the Mother plant.

 Mille walks over and gives Kumi a pat

 Fearne leans forward to look over at Kumi

 Kumi Kiyori nods her head emphatically and then hugs Mille

 Mille hugs Kumi then goes back to her spot

 Lil Cinnamon : As healers, we like to think that we carry our energy towards what we do, and we put that energy through the process and also towards the person that you are trying to heal

 Fearne raises a hand again

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Fearne

 Marilina raise paw

 Marilina : teacher Mille and Kumi are playing

 Fearne  “misses teacher.. can waters also be a herb? or fires?”

 Mille thinks about that very hard

 Lil Cinnamon : no, Fearne… water is not an herb

 Lil Cinnamon : another thing that we mentioned is, try to use the most of what we harvest, and try to waste the less possible

 Lil Cinnamon : AND … to ensure that we don’t damage our plants, we never harvest more than 1/3 of the plant, to make sure she’ll be able to regenerate

 Fearne  “but.. you said element.. and I thought that water was an element” she then flushes read

 Lil Cinnamon : ahahah.. oh.. I see.. no, I mean these elements here in the blackboard, I didn’t mean “the” elements

 Lil Cinnamon smiles

 Kumi Kiyori sticks out her bottom lip……….then is happy again

 Brytestar raises a hand

Lil Cinnamon : now… one more question before we get to the fun part of the class…..

 Fearne  “ahhh..”

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Dixie?

 Brytestar : what if we need the whole plants?

 Lil Cinnamon : well if you need big amounts, what I would suggest is to harvest from more than one plant.. but if you absolutely need the whole plant, you make sure you give it good use, and do not waste anything

 Lil Cinnamon : and if possible, save seeds, and maybe go to the garden and plant them

 Brytestar nodsnods and writes in her notebook

 Lil Cinnamon : to show respect for Mother nature.. always give back

 Lil Cinnamon : smiles

 Lil Cinnamon : that was a good question pup

 Marilina writes down…use plant and don’t recycle

 Lil Cinnamon : now… How do we use herbs in a safe manner?

 Brytestar wiggles and wags her tail with a happy little bark

 Marilina  gasps

 Mille scribbles about not taking all of a plant, but a little from several ones

 Lil Cinnamon : scratch the “don’t” Mari…+

 Marilina : I didn’t knew herbs were dangerous

 Kumi Kiyori pops her head up and looks in Mari’s direction

 Lil Cinnamon : well… what would happen if we go out to the forest and pick up an herb that we don’t know?

 Marilina : I throw it to the floor

 Mille : might make us sick!

 Brytestar  whispers (it could make you frow up…. yuckie)

 Lil Cinnamon : laughs and facepalms*

 Kumi Kiyori: I smells it

 Lil Cinnamon : exaclty Mille…

 Lil Cinnamon : yep, Bryte

 Mille : Ew I hate to frow up… bleh

 Lil Cinnamon : so, how do we use herbs safely?

 Lil Cinnamon : How do you make sure the herbs you are using are safe?

Marilina  thinks how do we use herbs safely

 Lil Cinnamon : nope? anyone??

 Mille raises paw

 Kumi Kiyori: Try a teeny tiney lick?

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mille

 Lil Cinnamon : eehh…. yeahhnoope….

 Mille : go with a grownup who knows

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mille

 Lil Cinnamon : ask first!

 Lil Cinnamon : also… harvest from your own plants

 Lil Cinnamon : that you know are safe

 Kumi Kiyori: Oh yeah so we don’t get a goblin!

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahahaha

 Lil Cinnamon stares at the Queen

 Julala Demina nods

 Miro snorts and facepalms

 Marilina  laughs at Kumi’s comment

 Lil Cinnamon : herbs are useful taking the smell out, speaking of XD

 Julala Demina: that’s absolutely right

 Mille looks wide eyed at Kumi… you get goblins from herbs?

 Lil Cinnamon : also, consult in books and notes

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahaha

 Humormii raises hand

 Lil Cinnamon shakes her head

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Humi

 Marilina : yes the teacher says they are not safe

 Kumi Kiyori covers her mouth in a giggle and points at teacher

 Humormii: is this another place we watch what animals do?

 Lil Cinnamon : several are safe, some are not… but if you dont know what herb you have in front, better ask first

 Lil Cinnamon : in the forest, you can

 Fearne looks at the teacher, ans hears if Goblins really gives out herbs

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahahah I dont know that, Your Majesty, do goblins grow from herbS?

 Lil Cinnamon : laughs

 Marilina  think how she will look as a goblin  if she eats a no safe herb

 Julala Demina: well…herbs sometimes grow where they’ve been sitting

 Fearne  looks over at the Queen with wide eyes

 Lil Cinnamon : I wonder why.. hmmmm…. XD

 Kumi Kiyori eyes grow huge

 Mille  stares at the Queen…

 Lil Cinnamon : I dont want to know

 Julala Demina: but that is possibly more to do with the natural fertilizer they produce

 Kumi Kiyori: What grows there?

 Lil Cinnamon : Alright, lets talk about herbal types of preparations

 Julala Demina: well Kumi…..SHROOMS

 Kumi Kiyori: Cabbage, cabbage is stinky, that’s what grows there… right?

 Fearne starts to draw a goblin, that has a flowers out from his behind

 Kumi Kiyori mouth drops open

 Kumi Kiyori: Say it isn’t so!

 Lil Cinnamon : we have – come on now, kids-  … external and internal preparations

 Kumi Kiyori waves arm allll around

 Lil Cinnamon : external… those that we apply in our skin or fur

 Lil Cinnamon : in the hooves

 Mille peeks over at Fearne’s picture and busts out in giggles, then stifles immediately

 Lil Cinnamon : etcetera

 Marilina open wide her eyes as she listens to what the teacher just said

 Lil Cinnamon : and internal….  obviously, the ones that we can eat or drink

 Marilina raise paw

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari

 Mille : external is outside and internal is inside?

 Marilina : are the external the ones we rub on our skin to smell good

 Mille blushes realizing she forgot to raise her hand

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mille, and yes Mari

 Lil Cinnamon : what external preparations do you guys know?

 Lil Cinnamon : raise hands/paws

 Kumi Kiyori raises hand

 Miro raises hand

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Kumi

 Persi raises paw

 Mille raises hand

 Brytestar raises a hand

 Kumi Kiyori: Nettle cream so they don’t sting so much

 Lil Cinnamon : creams yes

 Lil Cinnamon : Persi

 Mille lowers paw as that was her guess

 Marilina  writes down “external and internal herbs, external rub on paws to smell good , internal I eat as long as they are safe so not to turn into goblin”

 Persi: soaps

 Mae Avalon-Sinnach  looks up from the notes and questions she’s been jotting down on a blank page in Granny Mae’s cookbook at all the chatter about goblins, attempts to cover a grin with her hand only to get ink on the side of her face. puts her hand back down and goes back to writing

 Lil Cinnamon : Persi do you have an example?

 Persi: yes soaps

 Lil Cinnamon : good one,

 Lil Cinnamon : Bryte?

 Brytestar : i was gonna say soaps……ummmm

 Miro keeps his hand up.

 Brytestar : oh!

 Lil Cinnamon : think of another one?

 Brytestar : taurenol!

 Fearne raise a hand

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahahahahaha

 Lil Cinnamon : actually, Taurenol is an internal preparation

 Lil Cinnamon : we drink it

 Lil Cinnamon : smiles

 Brytestar : oooooh

 Lil Cinnamon : who else raised hand… Miro?

 Marilina : laughs taurenol, that is for headaches

 Miro: baths

 Brytestar : baths is a soaps!

 Lil Cinnamon : eh yeah,…. technically a bath is an “infusion”

 Lil Cinnamon : here’s another one…. a steam inhalation

 Miro: oh ok

 Lil Cinnamon : when we boil water and put an herb in it, like eucalyptus and we inhale the vapors

 Sylvan Fae: steam is good for when you feel…horse

 Lil Cinnamon : also, a poultice

 Lil Cinnamon : poultice

 Brytestar : a salve!

 Mille  scribbles frantically

 Lil Cinnamon : yes!

 Brytestar  nodsnods and grins, she gets the questions now!

 Lil Cinnamon : here’s one more… infused oil or essential oils

 Marilina  writes down horse….salve…poutice…taurenol

 Lil Cinnamon : laughs at Mari’s scribbles quietly

 Lil Cinnamon : Now give me examples of internal preparations??

 Marilina  raise paw

 Kumi Kiyori raises hand

 Miro wonders if mari has enough scrolls to write on

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Kumi

 Kumi Kiyori: Tummy ache

 Marilina raise paw

 Mille raises paw

 Miro raises hand

 Lil Cinnamon : What do we have for tummy ache, Kumi?

 Kumi Kiyori sticks a finger in her mouth

 Kumi Kiyori: Shroomis?

 Lil Cinnamon : hahaha sometimes….

 Mae Avalon-Sinnach  raises a hand

 Marilina raise paw

 Lil Cinnamon : but most times if you come to me with a tummy ache, I’ll tell you to drink… a……..??

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mae?

 Kumi Kiyori: Mint tea?

 Mae Avalon-Sinnach : Peppermint tea?

 Lil Cinnamon : YES!

 Lil Cinnamon : teas

 Mille lowers paw cuz that was her guess

 Kumi Kiyori switches tail happily

 Mille sighs

 Lil Cinnamon : hehehe…

Miro keeps his hand up.

 Brytestar  lifts her paw again

 Persi keeps her paw up

 Marilina : I do internal preparation when I sit on a rock and think

 Kumi Kiyori giggles

 Lil Cinnamon : there’s a few others a bit more complex… like a decoction, which is boiling slowly an herb for a long time

 Persi waves her paw

 Marilina : decorations?

 Lil Cinnamon : or a tincture, steep our herb in alcohol or vodka – NOT suitable for you guys

 Marilina : oh decoction

 Lil Cinnamon : de-coc-tions… *spells it for Mari*

 Miro : yeah, especially during christmas

 Fearne  “… uhmm…a drinking thing. like oils. but for drinking.. i knooow what it is, but cannot remember the name, but I think I see them at your tables Miss teachers”

 Marilina : writes dow de-coc-tions

 Lil Cinnamon : a potion?

 Mille raises paw

 Fearne smiles hugely “yeees a potion!”

 Lil Cinnamon : yes, however a potion can be made of different preparations, but yes

 Lil Cinnamon : its a good example

 Kumi Kiyori grins at Fearne

 Lil Cinnamon : good… NOW…

 Fearne  “I soo want to make potions one day”

 Mille lowers paw… again

 Lil Cinnamon : using our creative mind we can make as mamy preparations to create many more things, syrups, candy, gummies, soaps, lotions, and a long etcetera

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mile?

 Kumi Kiyori shouts “CANDIES!”

 Miro: ice cream

 Mille : I was gonna say elixers

 Sylvan Fae: tacos!

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mille, elixirs is a good example

 Kumi Kiyori raises hand

 Mille  gives a faint smiles

 Lil Cinnamon : now….. we are gonna have fun and make some messes!!!!

 Brytestar : YAAY

 Marilina raise paw

 Lil Cinnamon : yes Mari

 Kumi Kiyori raises hand

 Marilina : teacher you told me I can not make a mess before when wind blew the flowers to the floor from my table

 Lil Cinnamon : hahaha well now you will, but you will also follow instructions… yes Kumi

 Kumi Kiyori: Are we going to have snacks? I”m hungry.

 Marilina : I pick the mess now I have to mess again

 Lil Cinnamon : no during class hehehe

 Kumi Kiyori huffs

 Lil Cinnamon : writes in blackboard

 Mille is now hungry too

 Lil Cinnamon : we are gonna make a poultice for mosquito bites!!

 Brytestar : ough….skeeters

 Mille : ooooh I hate those!

 Brytestar makes a face

 Kumi Kiyori: Ick!

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahahaha

 Mille : we gonna smear it on them skeeters so they DIE?

 Lil Cinnamon : i hate mosquitoes as well

 Lil Cinnamon : no but we’ll  *hopefully* keep them away

 Julala Demina laughs

 Lil Cinnamon : everyone, look over that table

 Fearne starts to scratch her arm, as she hears the mention of a mosquito

 Lil Cinnamon : There’s several herbs, calendula, arnica, aloe, oats,

 Mille cranes to look around Kumi

 Lil Cinnamon : what we are going to do , is pick up a few of those ingredients and you will be making your own poultice for mosquito bites

 Marilina  think how she can use that on the fish to keep mosquitoes away

 Mille : they all say they are good for skin stuff

 Lil Cinnamon : (( if you sit on the table, you’ll get the animation ))

 Lil Cinnamon : you can go and choose your herbs, and with the mortars you’ll grind your herbs to a paste

  Fearne  stretches her neck again, and looks in the direction, her face lit up in the biggest smiles by the promises of them getting to make something

 Lil Cinnamon : a poultice should have the consistency of mud

 Lil Cinnamon : so don’t use a lot of water

 Lil Cinnamon : once you are done, I’ll give you a jar to store your very first HERBAL PREPARATION *grins big*

 Brytestar : we can use anyfing you said?

 Lil Cinnamon : yes, anything on that table

 Lil Cinnamon writes on blackboard

 Marilina grabs some Aloe and Oats

 Persi: i don’t get anything

 Miro: hmm.. aloe also provides moisture to the skin, no?

 Lil Cinnamon : aloe? it has many properties

 Brytestar  picks up everything by the handful and gives it a good sniff. She adds oats, calendula, a little water, and some aloe to her mortar and squishes it all into a goo

 Lil Cinnamon : peeks over Dixie’s shoulder

 Lil Cinnamon : that looks good, pup

 Marilina starts first by crushing what she brought from the table

 Humormii: grabs a handful of everything and shrugs

 Brytestar : fenk you!!

 Lil Cinnamon : sniffles at Mari’s mix….

 Lil Cinnamon : hmm nice, what did you put in there?

 Marilina  add a little bit of water and mix

 Kumi Kiyori mixes in some oats and eats some oats

 Fearne  walks closer to the table, and whistles at all these plants, then walks closer, and start very low to talk to some of them “do you want to come with me, and be a herbal preparation?” she gentle lets her fingers run over some of the leafs, as she talks to the plants one -by- one

 Lil Cinnamon  giggles at sweet Fearne

 Marilina  grab some dirt from the ground and mixt it all together to make a mud consistency

 Lil Cinnamon : O.O

 Lil Cinnamon : eek… well…

 Lil Cinnamon : um…

 Persi: i have nothing to put together

 Lil Cinnamon : some would say clay is good for mosquito bites LOL… we’ll test your poultice when the time comes lol

 Mille walks along the table looking and smelling, decides to pick the flower ones

 Miro: uh… I think that depends also on what’s inside the dirt

 Marilina smells

 Brytestar puts a finger in her mixture while Cinnamon isn’t looking and tastes it…and  tries very hard not to make a yucky face while she wipes her hand on her skirt

Persi: what are we making?   for mosquitos?

Lil Cinnamon : poultice

Marilina  goes back to the table and grab some rosemary

Mille drops petals into the little bowl and says “sorry” then starts to mash them up with the stone thing

 Marilina  mix it all together and smells once again

 Lil Cinnamon : sweet Mille Q.Q

 Marilina  thinks now it smells good

 Lil Cinnamon : peeks over Kumi’s shoulder

 Kumi Kiyori eeps

 Lil Cinnamon : What did you pick for your poultice?

 Kumi Kiyori: I might have eaten some of the oats

 Marilina  tries not to make a mess on the table

 Lil Cinnamon : ahahaha

 Lil Cinnamon : well you’ll have good digestion tonight

 Lil Cinnamon : smells nice

 Lil Cinnamon tries a bit with her finger

 Lil Cinnamon : lots of oats! O.o .. that’s good

 Mille  adds more of the purple ones cuz they smell so nice

 Humormii reads the blackboard and scribbles down what it says then sets aside all the stuff she took that wasn’t from the list and starts grinding

 Mille : oooh its turning a pretty color of purple now

 Lil Cinnamon peeks at Mille’s poultice

 Fearne comes back to the table, arms filled with herbs, mostly lavender and lays them out all nicely, and almost pets them, leans down and whispers “thank you.. I promise to make you into a nice herbal preparation” then she starts adding them to the mortar.. but quickly realize, that it cannot all be in there at ones, then raises a hand

 Lil Cinnamon  Q.Q  listens over Fearne’s

 Lil Cinnamon : Alright, when you are done, let me know and I’ll give you your jar

 Brytestar  sniffs  her mixture and giggles.…”smells like brekfast…”

 Mille  adds more of the orange flowers and turns it more orange

 Lil Cinnamon : hahahaha

 Lil Cinnamon : grins big

 Marilina : I am done

 Fearne  “uhmm.. is I suppost to use all the lavender” she ask, as she tried to bend it to fit into the mortar

 Humormii: looks at her yellowish taupe mixture… is this right?

 Humormii holds it up to Cinn

 Mille  raises paw, “I am done Miz Cinny”

 Lil Cinnamon : Are you done Mari?

 Marilina : yes I added some dirt because it had to much water

 Marilina : now is good mud consistency

 Lil Cinnamon  chuckles at Mari and shakes her head

 Brytestar  adds a little bit of the arnica and stirs it really good until all of the bits are mixed together and finely ground, the raises her paw. “I fink i did it too!”

 Mille : I didnt add water, but the plants were wet enough

 Lil Cinnamon : good, now store it in your jar

 Marilina  grabs her big jar

 Lil Cinnamon : good thinking, Mille

 Humormii: I think I’m done Miz Cinn

Lil Cinnamon : let me see…

 Lil Cinnamon : smells good… looks good

Mille  pulls the big stopper off and pours the goo into the bottle, then seals it up with a few thumps

Lil Cinnamon : Dixiepup you done?

Fearne  looks to the board, and realizes, she forgot to take the herbs, the teacher wrote, and goes back to the table, to get some of them, and adds it to whatever she had already in the mortar

Brytestar : yus!! im all done miss cinny

Lil Cinnamon : here’s your jar

Lil Cinnamon : Kumi all done?

Kumi Kiyori grins

Kumi Kiyori: I think so

Lil Cinnamon : smiles big at Kumi

Kumi Kiyori: I mashed and I mashed and I mashed

Lil Cinnamon : here, have a jar

Lil Cinnamon : good work!

Kumi Kiyori: Thankies

Lil Cinnamon : it smells amazing here

Brytestar  takes the jar in both hands and sets it down and….sticks her whole paw in the mortar to scoop the goo into the jar. Once she’s filled it, she realizes…her hands are too messy to do the lid. “Uumm….teacher..?”

Mille : mhm it does!

Lil Cinnamon  whispers: Fearne how are you d- whoa.. that’s a lot of poultice! LOL

Julala Demina laughs

Lil Cinnamon takes some with her finger

 Lil Cinnamon : hmm *shrugs* feels good

 Marilina  looks behind to see what is taking Fearne so long

 Fearne  adds some of the flower petals from the table, and leans down to sniff, and she smiles big.. and then she almost jumps  feet up, as Cinn ask her, and her head turns red “I am sorry miss teacher.. I forgot what to take..”

 Lil Cinnamon : laughs, its okay… smiles

 Lil Cinnamon : here I give your jar

 Fearne  beams a smile “I love lavender” she said, and gently took the jar “thank you miss teachers”

 Lil Cinnamon : you are very welcome.. and kids, class is over

 Lil Cinnamon : Kumi can have her snacks now

 Mille : I used lots of lavender too!

 Lil Cinnamon  giggles

 Lil Cinnamon : good job everyone

 Julala Demina: well done everyone *claps*

 Kumi Kiyori runs closer with her hands open

 Mille : thank you Miz Cinny!

 Brytestar : thank you miss cinnamimiion!!!!

 Mille sees the Queen clapping and claps too

 Lil Cinnamon : for next class……. homework!

 Kumi Kiyori slumps

 Lil Cinnamon : just think of a plant you will want to take care of

 Mille  gulps audibly

 Lil Cinnamon : that will be a longer project

 Mille : yay I can do that

 Lil Cinnamon : you will be planting seeds and grow an herb successfuly

 Lil Cinnamon : so think about what herb will you grow

 Brytestar : Oooh yay!! a plants!!

 Lil Cinnamon : alright, class dismissed!!

Brytestar : whooot!!

Marilina : thank you Miz Cinni

 Fearne  smiles so much “was so much fun.. thank you for teaching us” she looks up at Cinnamon, and walks up to give her a we lavender, that she did not use “for you miss teacher”

 Lil Cinnamon pats kids heads

 Lil Cinnamon : aw thank you Fearne

Lil Cinnamon puts the lavender in her button

 Lil Cinnamon : what happened to Persi? I owe her a jar *pouts*

  Mille  picks up a stray lavender sprig and tucks it in her sleeve

 Lucian rolls up his scroll and tucks it away with the quill

 Brytestar  leans down and wipes her messy hands in the grass

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