A Terrible Reveal

Miro is doing some chores around his plot when he hears a familiar screech.

He looks up and spots Syr swooping in. It’s been around two weeks since he sent him on the journey to deliver the letter.  Syr goes straight for the observatory and circles it. Miro excitedly trots towards it as he thinks about of what his family and friends back home are doing and how they are.

He walks up and out onto the patio and looks up to Syr. “You got some mail”, his voice echoes in Miro’s head. He raises his arms, ready to catch the rather thick looking scroll. Syr opens his claws and the scroll falls into Miro’s hands. “You owe me some wellness time after that”, Syr says, landing on the perch, catching his breath. Miro looks at the scroll in his hands. It’s definitely thick but also feels heavy. His family DO seems to have something to say and ask… A LOT!

He feels sorry for Syr, putting him through that. He smiles nervously at him. “Yeah… uh… sorry, pal. I should have expected that. I…”, Miro says nervously. Syr looks at him with an annoyed expression, but not for long. “Whatever. Say, I see spring has arrived here. Seems kinda early. Most of the lands I traveled across still have snow.” Miro looks at him with a confident smile. “Well, the closer you live to the poles, the longer the winter is. Having my home closer to the North Pole than this spot here…” Syr gives him a confused look. “Uh… nevermind. Say, now that the ice is gone and temperatures are going up, I think I saw some fishes swimming around down there”, he says pointing down at the water. “Ohhh, fish! I actually could use a meal now after that journey.

Syr flies up and circles the water. Miro takes the scroll and walks inside the observatory towards to where his laptop sits. He makes some room before opening the seal on the scroll. He unrolls it and is greeted with some loose paper sheets with stuff written on it. They look like ripped out of a book. He puts them aside however and reads what is written on the scroll itself. He can tell that his mom wrote it.

Hello, my dear,

I’m happy to hear that you found a place you can call your own. And that you also made friends there. Your friend Syr surely surprised us when he came here. But your explanation in the letter and his one sound like you two are surely close to each other. T

hat Michael, who lead you to your home, sounds like an interesting guy. As interesting as this highly advanced human civilization and the technology they, he, and you use. Maybe you can bring some of it with you, when you come visit us some time. I’m also happy to hear about your contribution to your second family, how you call them. I hope you cook them something good.

Even though you have your problems there, I know that you can defend yourself and your friends. You defeated our nemesis and saved us. Yes, I know, you had help. But still… . To answer your questions, things kept getting better even after you left. Due to the trading and the increased popularity, the village is able to expand. We have first people, mostly our kind, settling down here and either open their own business or helping existing ones. Same goes for your father and me. We could extend our business and hire more staff. If you ever come for a visit, I’m sure you won’t recognize Hoyshire anymore. 

We miss you, but also wish you the best for your future. Love, Mom and Dad

Miro sighs and smiles as he wipes away the tear running from his eye. He’s relieved to hear that nothing bad has happened since he left. To hear that his home has entered some sort of “Golden Age”… . He just hopes that they’re prepared, once that time ends. Nothing lasts forever.

He looks back down at the scroll, only to see that there’s more. Looking at it, he can tell that his father wrote this part, judging by how unsteady it’s written. But this one looks even worse, as if he wrote it under pressure, as if he got scared of something while writing.

As Miro read those words, he began to feel uneasy. What does this all mean? He puts the scroll aside and grabs the few pages which came with it. His insides begin to crumple, as he begins to read them. While he reads them, his whole mood changed. He feels like, his whole world falls apart right before his eyes. His whole body shakes and his eyes tear up as continues to read.

After he finishes the last words, he steps back out onto the patio and leans against the door frame. He stares into the void as the pages fall out of his hands. He breathes heavily as he’s on the edge of a breakdown. His stomach rumbles and Miro tries his best not throw up. But the stress is too much. He rushes to the railing and a stream of barf escapes his mouth into the water.

After he emptied his stomach, he collapsed on point. Tears and sweat running down his face. He could hold it anymore and began to cry. His old fear towards his powers came back. Stronger than before even. He wasn’t sure if he should tell about this or not. He just laid there and silently cried for a while before Syr came back.

Miro?! Miro! By the gods, what’s wrong?”, he says in a mixture of worry and panic. Miro looks up. “I’ve never seen you like that before! What happened?” He doesn’t say anything. He takes deep breaths to calm down. He closes his eyes to collect himself. He comes to the conclusion that he shouldn’t keep it for himself. It would come out, one way or another. He slowly stands up and walks back inside to his scrolls.

Wait here”, he says to Syr. He grabs a scroll, the quill, and starts writing, not noticing that he still drips tears and sweat.

Jules, if you have time, I need to talk with you. It’s important. I sent a letter back home about two weeks ago, and today I received an answer. However, it contains things, I don’t want to bring to the public. Not now, at least. I will include the documents I got with the letter here. I’ll wait for your answer. Miro

He grabs the letter from his parents and picks up the pages from the floor before rolling everything up. After he put a wax seal on it, he takes the quill again and writes “ Please, read this one first!” on it.
He walks back out towards Syr and says, “Syr, I know you just came back, but I need you to take this to immediately.” “Wha… Wha… Why? What happened?”, he asks confused. Miro was about to say something, but chooses against it. “I will tell you after I talked with Jules about it. And now go!”, he says while holding the scroll towards Syr. “But…” “GO!”, Miro says very loud in out loud and in his mind to Syr.
Syr jumps and grabs the scroll with his claw before taking off. Miro looks after him. He leans against the railing and looks down into the water, watching the fishes.
Queen Julala is in her castle picking out the last of the winter grass burrs from her blanket, before packing it away for another year.  She turns and looks out the window and draws a long breathe of the Spring air into her lungs and smiles.  “Who is this?” she ponders, seeing the bird-like form flying toward the castle.   “Oh, it’s Syr…” she recognised as he flew closer.

As Syr approached the window Julala could see he was carryign a heavy scroll.  “What have you got there then?” she smiles as he plumps onto the window sill.  Syr offers up his cargo to the Queen, bids her farewell and hops off back up into the sky flying off in the direction of the Sea of Beckoning.

The Queen unravels the scroll, which appears to have a number of pages rolled up inside.  She reads the letter from Miro and then starts to look over the pages.

First she reads the letter from Miro’s parents….and as she notices the footnote from Miro’s Father a furrow appears on her forehead…..

Hey son,

I write this after I read the letter you sent to us myself. I too was happy to hear how you built up your own life. But after I came to the part where you tried to tell us the correct name of that evil sorceress, I began feeling uneasy. Because even though you don’t know, it sounded familiar. Then I remembered. I read that name in one of the many books, scrolls, and documents we raided from the lair of our “dear friend” back then. So I went storage where we keep all that stuff, and began to look through it. I managed to find the books. The diaries of the sorcerer. I ran through the pages and ripped those out, that I think are relevant to that. Nobody knows what I did. I smuggled those pages into the scroll after I read it, then sealed it, and gave it to your eagle friend before anybody else could.

Take care.



She quickly turns to the ripped pages that had been included and her eyes widen as she reads what appears to be pages ripped from a journal….
Day 1

I’m writing this diary to distract myself.

It’s been months since I had to go into exile. And all just because of this narcissistic bitch. If it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t even have the resources for creating her minions. And now they’re chasing me. I can feel their breath on my neck. And all that, just because I tried to claim my portion of our work.

Not only did Vitrollia break our pact, she also claimed all my work for herself. When I confronted her, she chased me away with her new army. Now I have nothing. I basically stand here with bare hands. And on the run. I know that she sent a small group of her creatures after me to finish the job.

But she underestimates my talent. Oh, how she does. I will have my vengeance on her. Once I find a place to stay, I’ll build my own army. And then it will be her end. Just you watch, Lola.

Day 2

That little group of Lola’s minions found me. They surely put up a fight, as intended. It just sucks, that I’m on the receiving end. I managed to kill majority, but the rest fled. I have to be on guard tonight. I’m sure they’ll try to ambush me. To be honest, I… … seem different… … did slight…? …imagination, for sure.    

The rest of the page is covered in blood splatters which makes it impossible to read the rest.  Julala screws her nose up at the bloody mess on the page and turns her attention to the last ripped page…

Day 524

I should have known that they’ll get suspicious, sooner or later.

I came back from one of my daily gathering trips, and got greeted by an angry mob of those half-breeds. One of them sneaked around and went through my stuff. They found out. But they underestimated me. They weren’t expecting me to be so powerful as I caused them heavy casualties. I made them an offer. Be my minions, or be dead. I was surprised that they agreed to work for me.

Guess that happens when centaurs settle down at one place permanently. They get soft, lose their pride,… their freedom. But that’s fine with me. I finally have my own minions. One step closer to my vengeance.

Five years later or whatever since my last entry

No!!! No, no, no, no, NO!!! I thought I had it. I thought my spell would be perfect after all this time.

Those half-breeds tried to execute a revolt against me. Guess they’re not as different as their nomadic friends after all. They were organized, but not good enough. I saw the opportunity to test my transformation spell, hoping it would work the way I hoped for. But it didn’t. IT FU****G DIDN’T! I must have messed up somewhere. Oh… if this selfish bitch Vitrollia wouldn’t have taken all my work… SCREW YOU, LOLA!!!

Oh well, at least the look of those half-breeds fits them perfectly now. That’s what they get. Stick your long nose into the matter of other people, and end up with an actual long nose.

To prove my point even further, I casted a heavy snowstorm around the province. Try fleeing now, oat breathes. Even if you do, who’d help you, since you constantly pull such a long face. Hahahaha…

I might not be the best at transformation, but I sure know damn well, nobody can match me in terms of ice magic.

Urrrgh…..poor Miro….this must have been a very difficult read for him……”  Julala thought to herself, “It’s been years since his transformation and he had been quite settled and content of late…….this will have shaken him I’m sure!

Julala also knew that these papers were useful evidence of some of the people and dealings that were going on back at the time of Vitrolia.  She pondered that it seems even within Vitrolia’s own dark ranks there was resistence and mutiny to her plans.  Perhaps power currupts all….even among the ranks of the darkest powers.

Julala pens a short letter back to Miro:

Miro…I hope you’re ok.  I know this letter and pages will have brought up painful memories for you.  I want to remind you that you are safe here, that you have friends around you who love you.  We are all often reminded of our battles, our pasts, our painful times – and this will be a moment for you to both remember but also to look around you and see how far you have come.

On a practical note – these documents are useful to us.  I will keep them safe should we need to look over them at any point in the future when their contents may prove useful to us.  I thank you for sending them to me and I hope you know your endurance might help us all one day in the future.

George“, Julala hails the loyal raven from his pirch and tucks the note inside his pouch.  “Please, take this to Miro and please….stay a while if you can and just make sure that he is ok“.  As George flies out, Julala carefully puts the scroll and pages away in her document drawer, closes the drawer slowly, and rests her hand upon the table.  “There is always something to remind us” she sighs.

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