We need a plan!


Cinnamon knocks on Rayven’s door. “Make haste boys!! The Queen awaits! Hey, Orion, hi, ranger.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Hola”

Orion Firebrand: “Good afternoon”

Cinnamon: “The Queen awaits, we need to hurry”

Orion Firebrand: “Understood, lead the way”

The 3 taurs arrived at the Queen’s castle

Julala Demina: “Greeting my friends. Come in come in….have a seat….”

Cinnamon bows. “Your Majesty…”

Orion Firebrand bows “Hail, Queen Julala”

Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest and lowers his head respectfully to the Queen… “Hail  Your Majesty!”

Julala Demina: “Good to see you Ranger. So… no time to dally, we have much to talk about”.

Cinnamon: “Indeed”

Rayven Firebrand: “That we do”

Julala Demina: “I asked you here to talk about this Jack…… it all seemed rather harmless at first….but the safety of centauria and its people is paramount, and pulling a weapon on our community crossed a line that we can not ignore…

Cinnamon listens and nods.

Rayven Firebrand: “It did indeed, your majesty”

Orion Firebrand nods and listens.

Julala Demina: “Now…first up….I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas. We must find a resolution…or at least a plan”

Rayven Firebrand: “He must be captured. How, I know not”

Orion Firebrand: “We don’t have many leads”

Julala Demina: “What would we do if we captured Ray? I mean….he’s a sneaky bugger”

Rayven Firebrand: “Not sure”

Julala Demina: “Would we imprison him forever? Let the goblins have him?”

Cinnamon looks at Rayven… “I’ve been thinking about that… He has to be captured, however….. he moves fast, Milady. He uses fae magic to move around, considering the legend is true. I am not sure a cage will keep him in for long…”

Julala Demina: “Yes…”

Orion Firebrand: “We may be able to persuade him to leave…”

Julala Demina: “I had thought we might need to consult the roonwits and engage in some magic. That’s an option Orion, if he stayed still long enough to talk to him.”

Orion Firebrand: “Yeah… I suspect that the story may hold a clue as to how we might capture him”

Julala Demina: “And… if the legend is true….I don’t think talking would be enough”

Cinnamon: “But if he leaves… however. He might be back for Easter…” She sighs.

Orion Firebrand: “The problem being that, as Rayven found out, we don’t know how much of the story to be true”

Rayven Firebrand: “If what I know of the legends is true, he cannot be persuaded because it is not his choice to be here to begin with”

Orion Firebrand: “But there are hundreds of variations, yes?”

Rayven Firebrand: “But certain consistencies remain”

Julala Demina: “Well…we do have a strong community….with a penchant for sweeties”

Orion Firebrand: “I doubt that we can say anything for sure…”

Julala Demina: “Which consistencies, Ray?”

Orion Firebrand moves closer and listens.

Rayven Firebrand: “All versions say he is cursed to do as he does, and this crow on his shoulder is his “jailer” for lack of a better word”

Cinnamon: “The black crow we saw flying around and spying on us…”

Julala Demina: “This strange crow we’ve had sightings of, yes”.

Orion Firebrand: “I suppose that’s one we can assume to be true”

Rayven Firebrand: “Yes, your Majesty”

Julala Demina: “So, this it seems could be an accuracy of sorts from the legend”

Cinnamon: “I wonder… If we could persuade the crow, cheat for saying it in a way…. to bring Jack close, and trap him?”

Julala Demina: “I wonder what would happen if we trapped the crow…”

The Queen sits thoughtful for a moment

Cinnamon: “Would he stop if we killed that bird??”

Rayven Firebrand: “I was thinking on how to trap him. Or at least how to draw him into a trap”

Cinnamon: “Oh?” She looks at the ranger with interest.

Orion Firebrand: “I think killing should be an absolute last resort”

Julala Demina: “It always is Orion, for sure, except for…..” Julala pauses “…never mind. Continue, Ray”

Rayven Firebrand: “In my ranging, there is a village known as Blackspire. They have a twice a year tradition that I learned about.”

Cinnamon: “Ohhh!!” She takes out a small piece of parchment from her pouch and starts writing notes…

Rayven Firebrand: “I thought it silly at first since I foolishly didn’t believe that Hopping Jack was real, but it has merit.”

Orion Firebrand: “And look where that landed us…”

Julala Demina listens with great interest

Cinnamon nods at Orion

Rayven Firebrand: “Twice a year they set out a large offering of candy and rough faceted jewels on the edge of town. And every year Jack takes the offering and leaves Blackspire in peace.”

Cinnamon: “…And what if we did the same? What if we produce a lot of candy… your Majesty, we can gather the community’s efforts again, make lots of candy and do the same as in Blackspire…”

Julala Demina: “Interesting”

Cinnamon thinks… “But… oooof…. jewels…. gather jewels… from the old mine maybe…”

Julala Demina: “And what does this achieve for them Ranger?”

Cinnamon makes more notes….

Rayven Firebrand: “No robberies. No one even has to see Jack”

Julala Demina: “I see”

Orion Firebrand: “There’s no way we’re going to sacrifice to him twice a year. That’s absurd”

Cinnamon: “And the candy is gone? I mean…. they know he comes and takes it all??” Cinn scratches her head

Rayven Firebrand: “We are Centaurians. We can make more”

Julala Demina: “So you’re suggesting we do something like this to lure him?”

Cinnamon: “Every year… twice a year… that’s a lot, your Majesty… What are we going to do when we run out of candy, and jewels?? Orion is right, we can’t keep it up forever. I wonder how the town of Blackspire manages to”

Julala Demina: “Well I am all for an easy life….but…..it’s not very responsible of us…”

Rayven Firebrand: “Yes, but a trap will need to be devised but the Roonwitters to keep him there.”

Cinnamon nods at the Queen.

Rayven Firebrand: “O, you are jumping the gun. I am not speaking of this becoming a twice a year habit, but a one time baited trap…”

Julala Demina: “I’m sure the Roons could devise something but we need to think beyond that….like what we are to do once we have him”

Cinnamon: “Then we will need to talk to the druids of Roonwit… ask them to make us a trap to place for Jack… magical enough to contain him from the dark fae magic…”

Orion Firebrand: “Well, we’re going to need to, because we need to get him before something worse happens.”

Julala Demina: “I sent a message to the Seely Fae of Longridge…..but am still awaiting a reply”

Cinnamon: “If once we capture him, we could just talk to him once… to know what.. or how is he bound to this … curse. if the legend is true, that is. I think it’s that ugly crow…”

Julala Demina: “Well… if we can devise a trap that will contain him for at least a length of time, this will keep the community safe …I would hope…and give us time to figure out what the hell we do with him”.

Cinnamon makes more notes

Julala Demina: “Ugly….cow?”

Cinnamon: “Crow, crow.. your Majesty, hehehe”

Julala Demina: “Are you referring to Gurtrude the nine tail cow, Lil?”

Cinnamon: “Oh no! I would never dare. Gurtrude is cute. i bring her treats every now and then”

Julala Demina: “Ah, oops…” Julala Laughs “My mistake…I misheard you…” The Queen laughs a little more.

Cinnamon laughs

Rayven Firebrand: “Assuming we are able to capture him, I ask for the right to question him on the matter with your Majesty’s permission”.

Julala Demina: “Absolutely Ray…..you have my permission”.

Cinnamon: “…And I will ask the Roonwits about that magical trap”

Julala Demina: “But we MUST be sure that whatever trap is deployed…that it will contain him…”

Cinnamon nods

Julala Demina: “I… I… don’t suppose trapping would bring some dark fae here would it? I mean…..that would not be good”

Cinnamon: “Uh…….. “ she grimaces “We would… probably be messing against dark fae magic, your Majesty. That could be a chance”

Julala Demina: “And we must get that crow too….otherwise the word will travel for sure”

Cinnamon makes notes… “trap … the jackalope.. AND the crow…” she circles the word “crow”

Rayven Firebrand: “If from what I read in my reports of the mass hold up is true, the trap cannot be directly on Jack, but surrounding him. He seems to be protected against attack”

Orion Firebrand: “Yeah.. That’s true, some tried to attack him when he appeared, but he was completely unscathed”

Julala Demina: “So a containment… area?”

Cinnamon: “What Orion said… Yes, it’s true. We tried to fire at him and did nothing”

Rayven Firebrand: “Exactly, your majesty”

Cinnamon scratches “cage” off her notes.

Julala Demina: “We could always try an Invertitia bath! I mean…I know he’s not…you know… Well…he is of the dark….but not THE darkness”

Cinnamon: “Well… couldn’t hurt to try…”

Rayven Firebrand: “I don’t think invertitia will do in this case. There seems to be no trace of darkness here. Just unseelie malice and mischief”

Julala Demina: “Yes”

Cinnamon: “Yes, besides I don’t have much left… after having used it on Jez… ehmmm” She coughs “Never mind…”

Julala Demina looks toward the healer and squints a little.

Cinnamon widens eyes and whistles… looking away

Julala Demina: “Ok, so….first we need to consult with the Roonwits to devise a trap, yes?”

Rayven Firebrand: “There’s a story I missed…”

Julala Demina: “Oh? Do tell Ranger”

Cinnamon: “Yeah… later Ray… Nothing, your Majesty…” Cinnamon coughs.

Rayven Firebrand: “Not mine, Cinn’s”

Julala Demina: “Oh…you mean…”

Cinnamon widens eyes and signals with her finger. “Shh!”

Julala Demina: “Hmmm…yes….well…the less said about that the better probably. So… is there anything else we need to consider at this time?”

Rayven Firebrand: “I am beginning to understand why She and Jezzy had wild goblins on their backs when I returned from the range”

Julala Demina: “Indeed”

Cinnamon: “On my defense… He was away ranging when all that goblin-esque thing happened, so… He hasn’t caught up yet. Aaaanyways. So. Back to Hopping Jack…”

Julala Demina signs a little and raises an eyebrow towards the healer

Cinnamon zips her lips and blushes. “Ok shh…” She shuts her mouth.

Rayven Firebrand: “Right now we need to focus on trapping him”

Orion Firebrand: “Have we figured out anything which DOES work on him, yet? You tried those cam-raw things but they didn’t work…”

Julala Demina: “Strange crows apparently”

Orion Firebrand nods

Cinnamon: “Nothing else that I know. And what the ranger has said”

Julala Demina: “Unfortunately….we don’t have many of those…only our hero ravens”

Rayven Firebrand: “Can’t do much else until we know more. I might also suggest to have the scholars of Cloudbirth go over the legend with a fine tooth comb to aid Roonwit”

Orion Firebrand: “The ravens may be able to help us”

Julala Demina: “I hope we hear back from the Seelie fae soon… I hope they have something useful to tell us”

Cinnamon nods. “The ravens did a good job spotting that crow. Now that we know what he’s up to, they can help us even more. Orion and I can figure out what do we need to produce all the candy… and we’ll have to talk to the Roonwits very soon”

Orion Firebrand. “Yes… okay”

Rayven Firebrand: “If you need cocoa, remember I grow it”

Julala Demina: “I wonder if the people have much candy left over from Halloween”

Cinnamon: “We’ll use every bit of sweet we could find. Maybe they do, but if not, we’ll cook more candy. If we made amulets and swords in 2 weeks, we can achieve this”

Orion Firebrand: “How will we keep it safe until we use it?”

Julala Demina: “Mmmhh… Yes. We’ll have to create a secret store for the sweeties”

Rayven Firebrand: “Let them at least keep half of it. They have been through enough already”

Cinnamon: “I am thinking either keep it inside the castle, or inside a building, a safe place.”

Rayven Firebrand: “For that, the domestic Goblin bankers can help”

Cinnamon nods at Ray.

Julala Demina: “Well yes…we do have a vault”

Cinnamon: “True… if your Majesty can borrow us some goblins to guard it”

Julala Demina: “Of course… I do have a few”

Rayven Firebrand: “Wouldn’t need to. If it’s in the vault, it’s guarded”

Cinnamon looks at her notes…. “Well. That’s what we have so far… it’s not much but.. it’s something. I hope we can get more information from the fae, your Majesty, and your Mother, also, Ray”

Julala Demina: “I hope so too….we haven’t got much to go on so far… except an old legend and some information from Blackspire”

Cinnamon: “And assuming it all is true…”

Rayven Firebrand: “We shall soon see”

Julala Demina: “Ok, good, at least we have the startings of a plan. Let us get to work…..we must talk to Dragonwolf and his Roonwits as soon as possible”

Cinnamon nods “Yes, Your Majesty”

Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest.

Cinnamon: “We shall away, my Queen. We’ll start the preparations…”

Julala Demina: “Thank you my fine friends. Good speed, and take care”

Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest… “Until next we meet, Your Majesty.”

Orion Firebrand bows “Thank you, your majesty”

Cinnamon bows. “Thank you your Majesty”

Julala Demina: “Thank you. let’s do this” She smiles.

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