From Lucian’s diary II

So. The young lady I spoke so familiarly with at the market? She’s the Queen. The. Queen. By all the gods of the land, sea and sky, I wished for the earth to swallow me up when I realised. If I hadn’t been surrounded by people I would have found myself a desk and smashed my head repeatedly into it.

But ’tis most odd. She is very… casual? The people all seem very familiar with her, which is strange to me. I am used to the noble classes being far more… aloof.

In fact the very atmosphere of Centauria seems so overwhelmingly friendly. Overwhelming being the operative word. Still, this is why I am sojourning isn’t it? To learn. To grow.

And that is why I decided to sit in on a lesson that the healer was holding for some of the young ones in the community. I took extensive shorthand notes and will transcribe them for posterity.

I am not used to children but I have to admit… they were rather sweet – and fortunately I was well out of the splash zone. And now I know how to make a poultice against mosquito bites.

Now I shall have to agonise over whether I should apologise to the Queen for my behaviour or just… accept it’s the Centaurian way.

NB. Centauria seems to have some sort of goblin infestation?


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