Bard Circle 6th Nov 2023

Improv today – we wrote a story together on the spot 🙂

[13:45] Jezebelle Queen (queenjezebelle): Missus Mouse bustled about her kitchen. Her family was coming by and she wanted to make them her famous raspberry jam cupcakes. But as she took stock of her pantry, she gasped! She was out of…

[13:16] Julala Demina: ….sugar.  Well this was a disaster….now…what could she use instead….hmmm….honey HONEY! oh no….she opened her honey jar to find that empty too…..oh goodness…it was no good she was going to have to……

[13:18] Fenris Excalibur (fenris.ash): ……trip-trap down to the apiary and visit her friend the Queen of bees. The Queen was in, and she asked a boon of her friend, begging her for some delicious syrupy golden nectar because she was out. Her friend replied…

[13:23] Ulf L’Bean (ulfnir.winterwolf): …. “sure, but you see I have a problem. Recently some wasps have moved in on our operation. Stealing nectar, being all rowdy, and worst of all kidnapping some of our larvae. They are a menace and need to bee removed (bee removed….get it?)”

the queen frowned when her mousey friend didnt laugh.

“I was wondering if you could go over to their paper palace and maybe convince them to leave. Im not saying matches are a thing buuuuuut……” she trailed off

“you get the point”

Missus mouse nodded solemnly and narrowed her beady blackcurrant eyes, whereupon……

[13:30] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Missus mouse nodded solemnly and narrowed her beady blackcurrant eyes, looking towards a firebush. Suddenly she got an idea… with a smol branch of the bush, and a bit of thread from her skirt  (yes, mousies wear skirts) improvised a bow, and munching and tweaking about on a few more tiny twigs made some arrows. In but a few minutes she had about a dozen tiny arrows made, so armed with her tiny bow and arrows took off to visit the Paper palace…

[13:34] кιţţєη L’вєaη (jayde.askari): She stomped her way across the wasps cardboard entryway, conveniently placed directly in front of the paper palace, walked right up to the waspish guard, pulled her trusty hedgepig quill dagger from her shopping basket and jabbed him in his yellow and black abdomen yelling “oi you!”

[13:46] Rayven Firebrand: Upon being jabbed with the quill, the wasp lunges toward Missus Mouse to which she skillfully dodged than dispatches her assailant with a warrior;s skill and giving her just the opening she needed. She draws her bow and sets one of her arrows a light ad shoots it at the heart of the nest. WOOSH! the nest busts into a brilliant bright flame releasing it’s dark terrible secret, for the nest was actually and enchanted prison housing the great and terrible…

[13:48] Jezebelle Queen (queenjezebelle): Legal partnership of Stingman, Stingman, and Buzz, wasp lawyers extraordinaire. With a great buzzing and a rattling of briefcases, they sallied forth from their burning home and descended on Missus Mouse. “OI! You got a permit for that bow, love? We’re gonna need to exchange insurance information! We’ll see you in court!”

[13:50] Julala Demina: oh my! Missus mouse gulped and started to find her documents in her bag…..while ruffling in her bag though she found a tiny teeny napalm gun……

[13:52] Fenris Excalibur (fenris.ash): After checking to make sure that it was armed, she whipped it out with a mighty roaring squeak as she pulled the trigger, “Here’s my permit, needle-butt!”

[13:56] Ulf L’Bean (ulfnir.winterwolf): The wasp lawyer raided their briefcases in defensive terror, as liquid flame corruscated over them, and they plunged to the ground, their stripey saville row suits aflame.

“we didnt maintain our fire insurance” screamed one.

“aiiiiiii, our indemnity will be forfeit” yelled another.

They crashed down, as mousey stood over them.

“i could end you now,” she said coldly, “but i’m going to allow you to make ammends for your awful conduct by……”

[14:04] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): “….letting you carry out for me all those casks of honey…” She look behind the wasp lawyers at a bunch of casks, half of them charred and honey spilled all over the floor… “..Oooor what’s left of them. I need them for my cooking! Do it fast and do it NOW!! Oh, and clean this mess of a place before you leave for good… the good bees need their home back”  Said Missus Mouse while she held ready another flaming arrow at them.

[14:08] кιţţєη L’вєaη (jayde.askari): She stood there, tapping her dainty paw on the cardboard paving, watching the feeble wasp lawyers scurrying to clean up and haul the honey out, she grinned, grabbed her tiny arrow by the head, and thwapped the length across the closest wasps wiggling butt “FASTER! she ordered, chuckling to herself

[14:18] Rayven Firebrand: Feeling pleased with herself and drunk off her new power she heads back to the bees who were patiently awaiting the return of Missus Mouse. “I have completed my task, your majesty.” Missus Mouse relays to the queen of bees. “You have done well, take your prize home with you and may the gods forever smile on you,” says the queen. Missus Mouse than returns home to complete her raspberry jam cupcakes for her family. The End? *maniacal laughter echoes in the distance than fades away*

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