Basics of Mesh in SL

This class is approximately 1 hour in length but may be longer allowing for questions etc.

The topics covered will be:

  • Terminology – will be covered throughout the class
  • What is mesh?
  • Unrigged mesh
    • The nature and abilities of un-rigged mesh
    • LOD
  • Brief overview of Physics
  • Rigged mesh
    • What it is, and how it related to the SL skeleton
    • The nature and abilities of rigged mesh
    • What is weighting
  • Animesh
    • What it is and how it relates to the SL skeleton
    • LI and animesh
  • SL Mesh Format
  • The Basic process of making mesh for SL
    • Basics of making the model
      • Software choices
      • What is unwrapping and what are UVs?
    • Basics of texturing the model
      • Software choices
      • Diffuse, Normal and Specular textures
    • Basics of uploading mesh to SL
    • What next to start making mesh