Nominations for House Leaders

Nominations are now open for the House Leaders of the Ancient Order of Centaurs.  If holding the title of Leader of the House of the Ancient Order of Centaurs is something that appeals to you, you may nominate yourself for leader for one of the Houses.  Self nominations will stay open for a while.  To nominate yourself please use the form at the bottom of this page.  **NOTE** The only House currently looking for a leader is Roonwit.

This is an exciting time as these leaders will be the first leaders of the AOC.  Please ensure you read about the Houses (from the menu on the right) and what is required of a Leader of a House before you consider nominating yourself.

What does being a leader involve?

Being a leader of a House of the AOC comes with some responsibility.

You will need to build your house and keep it in order.  Building your House isn’t about “SL building” – it’s about growing your House into a happy and healthy group of members, encouraging people to join your House, assigning your House members to roles that will help the House and the AOC community.  Not every House will have all roles but the sort of roles you might like to consider building into your House include:  Entertainment Officer, Roleplay Officer, Story-telling Officers (bloggers/vloggers), Chief of Battles/Contests, Chief of Communications, etc.  You may also like to assign a Deputy to help you to build and grow your House.

It will be important to provide balance for your House in respect to time and commitments so that your House members remain happy and engaged members, feel invested, involved but not overloaded or overwhelmed.

As a leader of an AOC House you will be expected to attend some AOC High Counsel meetings that will take place either in-world or in the Jinx Discord Server.   There are some resources that will be made available to Leaders of AOC Houses to help them build and maintain their Houses.