From 1st Septermber 2021 there will be no more gachas in Second Life.  Jinx Collectibles are a new beginning.

The old Jinx Gachas will be retired on 31st August.  Some products may be re-released as standalone standard release products but most will be retired in their current form entirely.  This means that the secondary market for theose gacha products continues to be supported AND that those products also have become the foundation of Jinx collectibles.  You may buy these foundation products in their original gacha format for 25L$ a pull in-store at Jinx and at some events around the grid until August 31st 2021 when all gachas will cease to exist.

Jinx collectibles are new versions of popular products that are special edition AND limited edition.  These products will be on sale for a limited period only and then not released again*.  Colleactibles will vary in price according to the type of product and will range from lower-priced collectibles around 75L$ (which might be the equivilent of a common gacha type product) up to higher-priced collectibles around 400L$ (which might be the equivilent of a rare type gacha product) and maybe on ocassion some ultra collectibles that are priced higher again.  Collectibles will generally be promoted before the new collectible release date so that you can see what is coming and how much it will be priced at in advance.

Collectible versions might be special textures, special accessoried versions (e.g. with horns, with wings, etc.), special shaped versions (with special ears, special tail, small, large, chubby, etc.).  They might include animesh props, companions and rideables or might inlcude full or part avatars.

Animesh collectibles may be accompanied by static non-rigged mesh versions (where static versions provide lower LI – this is not always the case) so you can put your collectibles on view in limited LI areas.

*There may be exceptions where special ocassions give opportunity to buy ended releases.  These ocassions will not occur more than once a year and will be for very short periods.