Request a mesh dev kit for Jinx avatars and products

(if you’re looking for a texture dev kit for making skins and/or tattoos, this page is not for you.  You can grab the texture dev kit freely from the vendor underneath the Centaur / cecaelia vendors in-store)

The dev kits for the centaur, CenLightaur, CenTEENYtaur, CenPETItaur and Cecaelia are currently available as .blend files.  The dev kits for satyr legs, bunny legs, and felitaur are in development and will be available soon.

The dev kits are available for commercial use ONLY (please do not ask for the dev kit if you only intend to fiddle about making stuff for yourself and your friends).  There is no fee for having the dev kit kit but you do need to own the product that you wish to make products for.

Please understand that whilst SL may be a hobby for you, it is my business and my livelihood. You may think that the hoops I expect you to jump through to apply for the dev kit are over the top or excessively anal – I understand your point – especially if this is your hobby – however, the reason I put so many steps and requirements in this process is because I have been stung in the past.  People stealing my content in efforts to sabotage my business, and people signing the dev kit agreement and promptly breaking the terms of that agreement because it didn’t fit their needs or because they didn’t actually read it before they signed it.  So…please don’t hate on me for being thorough – if I sound bitter, yep….that’s what happens when people take advantage.

All that said, a good few people do have dev kits from me and abide by the agreement they signed and we all get along swimmingly.  If your stuff is good, I will be more than happy to help promote it to our customers.

I do expect you to know how to mesh and rig an item in Blender and/or make animations in Blender.  If you don’t, please learn to BEFORE requesting a dev kit.  Please share examples of your work from Blender in the appropriate field in the form below.  The kit is ONLY available for Blender and assets from the .blend file may NOT be transported to other 3D modeling software.  I do expect a certain level of skill and quality of product.

In order to apply for the dev kit you will need to:

  1.  Fill in the form below as a start.
  2. If accepted you will be required to sign an agreement with your real life name and address and signature.  It is a legally binding contract.
  3. Complete a few questions after signing the agreement to show that you read it and understood it.

If you break the terms of the agreement your license to create items for the Jinx products may be revoked.  Any content made to sell after a license has been revoked may result in a DMCA being submitted to Linden Lab.