Guides are our information givers.  There may be several Guides at any one time in the AOC and Centauria and they will work individually and as a team to help visitors and new members to find their way around.  Guides are knowledgeable about the AOC and Centauria and someone people can go to when they have questions.

(you are not expected to know everything about centauria and the AOC yet – we’re new – we’re all still learning as we put it all together – you will be given all the information you need and can ask questions as they come up – its really about having the willingness to help others and welcome them to Centauria)

Guides are the first point of contact for new members and visitors to Centauria and the AOC.  Guides will be expected to be around perhaps a few days a week for at least an hour or so so no pressure to be around all the time.

Guides will be added as a contact for the CentauriaSupport bot to relay messages to (Training will be given on how to deal with support requests from the bot but its super easy).