House Leaders

Each of the Houses of the AOC has a leader.  These roles become available for application only when a leader steps down or leaves for whatever reason.

A House Leader is essentially a ward of their people.  They are there for their house members as a point of contact and to ask advice of.  House leaders will reach out to new members and help them by directing them to other people that can help them (e.g. Guides, teachers, librarian, etc).  They should be an excellent example of all that is to be in their House, be it Glenstorm, Cloudbirth or Roonwit.  A house Leader is someone who can help and manage those in other roles, assist others in choosing their species and classes and help them set themselves up in the AOC, whether it be as member of the community or within the roleplay elements of the AOC.

A House Leader is someone you should feel you can go to for help and they will direct you to the appropriate person if unable to help you themselves.  A House Leader is readily present, accessible and available.

Your current House leaders are:

Glenstorm: Jezabel (Keiayra Blackheart)
Cloudbirth: Emily Williams (NicaDeminaBank)
Roonwit: DragonWolf of Roonwit-Ashwood (IXTheDragonKingXI)