The librarian curates the library.  They create notecards for people explaining the various aspects of Centauria, the AOC, roleplay, general information and perhaps some information of interest regarding centaurs in history and literature.  They may also create texts for the website.

(you are not expected to know much about centauria and the AOC at this stage – we’re new, we’re all still learning and putting it together.  But you are expected to take an interest and be proactive about learning and maybe contributing to how it all comes together)

The library is in the Great Hall area of centauria but there is also scope to have a library in the Members Halls should it grow to such a size.

The librarian is a working role, which means there are responsibilities to be around to do the tasks of the role and it attracts a stipend of centaurian coin (not L$).  This is not meant to be a burden to you though – its meant to be fun, so please don’t think it will require masses of your time and availability but we do expect you to take pride in your libraries and to actively develop them and care about them.

The librarian might commission others to write stories, poetry, catalogs of art, etc. and may decide to use their centaurian coin to do that.