A listener is someone who has great empathy and listening skills.  They are few and far between (in fact most people that think they are great listeners….are not great listeners).

A listener will be available by appointment to provide a listening ear to the members Ancient Order of Centaurs.  This role may sometimes need to span from the realm of roleplay into the faraway realm known as ArrEll and so a listener is effectively able to set and maintain boundaries and provide a much needed listening ear to those that need it, without taking on the weight of a person’s ArrEll world problems.

Listeners do not offer advice.  They listen.  They have great integrity and respect for confidentiality.  They never share what they’ve heard.

When using the services of the listener one should always put ones woes into a roleplay context to tell your story.  You can still be IC and say what is bothering you.  This is NOT a RL counsellor or therapist – using them as one is abusing the role.