Prepare for Battle – RP Mar21

THIS COMING WEEKEND (6th/7th March) we will be having some battles as part of the major storyline event at the AOC.

There will be multiple actual battles – 4 battles on Saturday and 4 battles on Sunday.

2 battles will take place consecutively at 1pm SLT and another 2 will take place consecutively at 5pm SLT on each of the days.

Each battle will require as equal a number as possible of Centaurians (to defend Centauria) and a number of NPC “Dark Creatures”.  You can choose for each battle which side you would like to be on.  Please have your NPC / characters ready as there won’t be much time between battles to change.  You may be asked to switch sides if the balance is too uneven.

If you choose to be an NPC Dark Creature it is strongly recommended that you use an alt avatar to avoid any confusion or lasting resentment after the battles.  If you choose to be your normal character who has been “turned” this must fit with the current roleplaying and you must be aware that there could be lasting consequences with regard to your character in the formal roleplay (i.e. you’ll need to be prepared to carry the events forward – it won’t necessarily be forgotten).  If in doubt use an alt.  NPC Dark Creatures must wear a fresh meter (not your character’s normal meter). They can grab a Centaur from the rezzer for the battle if they wish to be a centaur and don’t have one.

(I did make registration boards to register which side you’ll be fighting in each battle but decided it’s probably easier to just play it by ear, especially as people may have to change sides to even it up)

There is an NPC kit in the members halls/Great Hall for use by those wishing to be NPCs.  You must wear the NPC beacon and fresh meter/HUD. Instructions for setting them up are in the kit.

The defenders of the realm will have a blue/purple coloured beacon to wear.  This will be available at the Great Hall/Member halls.

All participants can use melee weapons of either one-handed or 2-handed Unity-scripted swords only for the battle.  You can use the free Unity Sword from the Unity store.  You may use your special AOC commemorative Sword.

Why just swords?  2 reasons.  One – to provide an equal a playing field as possible – if someone has some super powerful or easier to use weapon it isn’t a fair fight and likely to end the battle rather quickly. Two, it doesn’t fit with the roleplay – if your merscream or bow & arrows or beast claws were effective against Dark Creatures….why would we have just forged special swords and amulets?  Check the back story of Centauria – weapons are infused with Invertitia to combat the dark creatures.

Does this mean you’ll never be able to use your other weapons? Not at all…there will be plenty of opportunity to use a variety of weapons in future events…just not these battles.

And because I know some of you are a little miffed at not being able to fight with your chosen weapon I am proposing a fun battle on Tuesday next week (9th) at 1pm where you can choose your side and choose your weapon.

Edit: As the rules were changed to allow other weapons on Sunday I don’t see the need for an extra battle on Tuesday.  We will however, look at making battles a regular event.

No spells to be used during battles – none – at all.  In fact remove your spell HUD so that you can’t accidentally cast a spell and damage people around you.

Once dead you must leave the current battle.  Of course defenders of the realm will be healed back to health….while dark creatures will be burned on a large pyre 🙂

Each actual battle will take place on one area of Centauria (Glenstorm/Cloudbirth/Roonwit) and that area will be signed off as being currently used for battles so that visitors/non-rpers can avoid being caught up in the battling.

NO spectators on the ground during battle.  Viewing platforms may be provided or (if the battles aren’t large) you may go up above in the sky to watch.

At the start of each battle the defenders will gather in the designated area and await the NPCs’ attack, who may enter the area from any direction.

Ultimately, of course, Centauria will be victorious (whether or not battles have been won or lost) – if dark creatures are the last creatures standing in any battle they will be kulled with an Invertitia bomb *evil grin*.

You can continue your para-rp alongside the battles making use of how things are going.

There are practice/training posts up at the member halls to practice your fighting skills prior to the battles.  You may also spar up there to practice.