Tips and clues – Feb 2021 RP

The Quest Element of this Major Roleplay Storyline Event requires that 100 amulets infused with Invertitia and 100 high strength Swords are deposited in the weapon / potion stores.

Working together will help you to achieve the goal quicker.


You can trade and give ingredients, amulets or swords to each other but please do not trade for centaurian coin for this quest element – we are working together to save the community! 

A note about cheating: Of course there will always be ways to cheat…..but this is your roleplay – cheating only cheats yourself and others of the rp experience.  Don’t be that person.

Do not use random alts or friends to deposit swords/amulets.  A list of all the names of who deposits items is sent to Queen Julala at the end of each day.  Deposits made from random people who are not part of the community will discounted.

Recipe / Blueprint HUDs

Two HUDs are available in-world.  One with the recipe for the Invertitia potions and the recipe to infuse them into an amulet.  One with a blueprint of what is required to make a sword.

These HUDs are in a chest at the Library near the Great Hall.

Potions / Amulet

All the ingredients you need are available in Centauria – do not use ingredients from anywhere else.  Ensure you are wearing your pouch and meter to collect ingredients.

Most ingredients are easy to harvest simply by clicking them.  Though….salt can only be gained by grinding 3 rock salt into salt.  

Each cauldron has one recipe in it.  You must enter the ingredients exactly in the correct amount and order or you’ll just cook up a mess and lose those ingredients.

Fire powder cauldron
Shroom salt can be made in this once secret cauldron location
Philter of zephyrus cauldron
Centaurea Powder cauldron
Moon Shrine

The Swords

You will need a Unity enabled weapon to mine the metal ores.  You can find free weapons at the Unity store.  Ensure you are wearing your meter and Pouch when collecting components.

The entrance to the mines

The additional components (cowhide, wood, sulphur and water) can be found in Centauria.

To make your sword you must enter the components into the furnace in exactly the correct amount and order – otherwise you will cook up a mess and lose your ingredients.

The furnace at the blacksmith’s will make your sword

Depositing your Amulets / Swords

To deposit your sword / amulet – take it to the members halls and rezz them beside the weapon store / potion store.  The prims on the floor there are to help you rezz (otherwise they might rezz under the floor).

Once registered your sword / amulet will disappear.

You can only deposit one sword and one amulet per person per day.  The more you work together the quicker you will reach you goal.

weapons / Potion stores