Tips and clues – March 22 RP

The Quest Element of this Major Roleplay Storyline Event requires that 100 of each of Garnet, Emerald, Aquamarine, Chocolate and Peppermint are deposited in the storage cannisters kept for safe-keeping in the bank room in the members halls.  Once all the items have been collected we will make a trap an offering *coughs* for Hopping Jack.

Working together will help you to achieve the goal quicker.


You can trade and give ingredients, stones or sweeties to each other but please do not trade for centaurian coin for this quest element – we are working together as a community to build a trap er…offering for Hopping Jack! 

A note about cheating: Of course there will always be ways to cheat…..but this is your roleplay – cheating only cheats yourself and others of the rp experience.  Don’t be that person.  Do not use random alts or friends to deposit items.  A list of all the names of who deposits items is sent to Queen Julala at the end of each 6 hour period.  Deposits made from random people who are not part of the community will be discounted…..and possibly sent a goblin as punishment.

Recipe / Instruction HUD

The recipe/instruction HUD is available in-world.  It will tell you the recipe for the sweeties and how to make the precious stones.

The HUD is in a chest at the Library near the Great Hall.

Making the sweeties

All the ingredients you need are available in Centauria – do not use ingredients from anywhere else.  Ensure you are wearing your pouch and meter to collect ingredients.

Most ingredients are easy to harvest simply by clicking them.  Though….cocoa powder can only be gained by grinding cocoa beans.  The grinder is……in Cloudbirth somewhere….

Only one cauldron has the sweety recipes in it.  You must enter the ingredients exactly in the correct amount and order or you’ll just cook up a mess and lose those ingredients.

Collecting rock to make the precious stones

You will need a Unity enabled weapon to mine the coloured rocks.  You can find free weapons at the Unity store.  Ensure you are wearing your meter and Pouch when collecting rock.  It can be tricky to bash the rocks…..keep at it….nobody said it was going to be easy 😉

Once you have your coloured rocks take them to the grinding stone to polish them!  Touch the grinding stone once, then add your ingredients and then touch again to Polish – your finished precious stone will be given to you once polished.  Again…make sure you enter everything correctly or you’ll lose your stones.

Depositing your collected items

Once you have your sweeties and stones take them to the bank room in the members halls and deposit them in the storage containers by rezzing them on the floor – each person can only rezz one of each item ONCE every 6 hours!

Good luck you wonderful people.  Let’s do this and protect ourselves from the legendary Hopping Jack!

And remember – everyone that deposits items will receive a special commemorative prize as a keep-sake of this roleplay event at the end of the event.