In other realms this role is sometimes known as a GM.

A warden of the AOC is a similar role to a House Leader in a way except that they have responsible for the AOC and Centauria as whole.  Whilst there can be only one leader for each house, there may be several wardens in the AOC and they might be in any of the 3 Houses.

Wardens are a pillar of the community and this is a highly respected class/role.  This role is generally by invitation only.

They, like the House Leaders will be helpful to new members, sometimes take people under their wing to show them the ropes and will be highly knowledgeable about all aspects of the AOC and Centauria, in fact they’re likely to know more about the AOC and Centauria than a House Leader in many respects as they will know all about the different Houses and all the activities that are happening on Centauria.  They will be able to direct members, old and new, to the right people and to the right places.

Wardens are responsible for helping others to improve in their own roles.  Helping Guides, Guardians and even House Leaders where needed.

They might be an expert in a particular aspect of the AOC, whether it be roleplay or event management, or helping new residents.  They are present, engaged, proactive and available.

They communicate well and are a help to the sim owner and the members alike.

This is a role not lightly given and Wardens are people who are highly respected – they’ve earned it.

A Warden will have access to group and security management should they need it.