Guardians are our protectors.  They keep us safe from griefers, trolls and generally unpleasant people who may sadly visit the Centauria regions on occasion.  They are also an enforcer of rules within the regions.

Being a Guardian is not about being aggressive, in fact often the opposite is required to fulfill the role effectively.  A guardian can stay calm and poised in an emergency and they can act quickly and without fluster.  They can communicate with people in a way that doe not antagonize or intimidate, but are firm and able to confront calmly and appropriately in any given  situation.

Guardian are peace-keepers.

Guardians have access to security measures on all four regions of the Centauria Community and can also set up local security for residents should they need it in their homes.

No Guardian roles are available at this time.  Check back again in the future if this is a role you would like to do.  In the meantime – we are always looking for Guides.