They’re coming….and the Queen hatches a plan!

The Queen is in her chambers…..fitting her armour….she knows there are battles ahead. Suddenly George lands on the window ledge. Briefly startled the Queen wanders over to him. He is unusually quiet. “What is it George? What’s going on?” The Raven looks at her….his black eyes strangely showing a concern…… “My Queen…..I don’t even know where to begin in delivering this message” He pauses, shuffles his feet, and then noticing the Queen’s look of “well come on!” written in her glance he straightens up and delivers his message

Your Majesty…..the creatures…the dark ones…they’ve been seen again……they are close…maybe a day or two they will be upon us. There is death in their wake….it’s happening….they are coming…..and they will be here soon.

Queen Julala’s jaw clenches and she take a slow, deep breath. “OK, we knew it was coming….but it doesn’t make it any easier when it comes. We have a fight ahead of us….a fight for our lives…AGAIN!” The Queen clenches her fists and closes her eyes for a moment….and as she opens them again she seems calm….”We’re ready” she whispers through her teeth. “Let them come!” George caws loudly as Julala returns to adjusting and fitting her armour.

She seems calm……but she is worried….are her people ready? She knows some of them are young….some unskilled in the art of battle……if only there was a way to be sure of victory……….

The Queen had a restless night…..thinking of what is to come.  Her people….the people she had come to love, see as her family….the thought of them either being turned or worse killed….was just unbearable.  Some of them are not seasoned fighters….some were not even born when the Great War took place and have been lucky enough to live a life of peace so far.

In the early hours the Queen shoves aside the bed covers and gets dressed.  She is NOT going to let the darkness take over again….she WILL stop it!  She whispers to George to hop on her shoulder and sets off to find the Roonwit Leader.

She’s walked these lands before in the dark and never worried about it…but today….in these times…knowing the dark creatures are so close….Queen Julala was tense and listening for every little noise.  Her heart was racing as she made her way across Centauria to the cave dwellers.

As she approaches the caves of Mount Pelion she see’s the light of the totems outside Dragonwolf’s abode….the light casts shadows but gives some comfort.

Knocking on the door she half shouts, half whispers “Dragonwolf!  Wake up!  Dragonwolf“.  She taps the door not wishing to draw attention to herself by making too much noise.  “Damn it man! Wake up!”  Her heart is racing as she hears some grunting from inside the cave and grumbles as Dragonwolf stomps toward the door.  “Who the hell is waking me up at this hour!” he grumbles and opens the door with a stern frown across his face….which quickly fades as he sees the Queen stood there in front of him.  “Oh….Your Majesty!..I……” The Queen barges past him in the doorway and whispers “Shut the door!“.  Dragonwolf briefly looks outside, wondering what the Queen is afraid of….and shuts the door as instructed.

Dragonwolf….I need you help.   You know the creatures are coming…and we are prepared.  I know everyone has worked so hard to make Invertitia amulets and Weapons to fight these cursed creatures when they arrive….but…I am afraid….we can NOT let them win.  I WILL NOT let them take this land to darkness again.”  The Queen was looking incredibly stern and Dragonwolf couldn’t remember a time when he had seen the Queen quite so formidable.  “Your Majesty” Dargonwolf straightens up and stands tall “What can I do to help?“.

I want to build….something that we can use…..if it looks like all is lost…..something that will end those damn creatures should we need to.  I know we are prepared Dragonwolf….I know our wonderful people have worked so hard to make sure we have everything we need to succeed…..but……what if the drak creatures take hold….what if we…..lose?

Dragonwolf had more confidence….he was ready to take out the Dark Creatures when they came…..he knew that like many others…he was totally ready for this.  But…he could also see that the Queen was afraid and she needed reassurance.

What do you have in mind M’Lady?

A bomb.  We have more amulets than we need….and with your magic skills……can we?  Can we make an Invertitia Bomb?

Dragonwolf’s face light up a bit and he smiled “Oh yes M’Lady…….a bomb…..we can certainly do that!  How much Invertitia do you have spare?

Well, it is limited…but I believe we had around 5 amulets left over

Dragonwolf sits down at his table and grabs a piece of parchment ….starts scribbling and mumbling…..scratching his head……scribbling some more.  The Queen sits opposite him and watches with interest….awaiting a sign he has a plan to make the bomb.  George hops over onto a rock ledge and settles to roost a while.  “I’ll make some coffee” says the Queen.

Hours go by and the sun starts to rise……the warmth of the sun rays find its way in between the cave walls and lands on the face of a sleeping Queen.

She wakes…startled…she had fallen asleep….looking around she feels disorientated for a moment and then remembers where she is.  She looks over and sees Dragonwolf at his desk still mumbling and scribbling.  He looks up and sees the Queen has awoken.  He smiles.  “M’Lady……” He lifts his sheet of parchment “We have ourselves the making of a bomb!

The Queen gets up and walks over to look at the parchment…she doesn’t understand what it says but she looks at Dragonwolf and smiles.  “Let’s do this!  I will collect the Invertitia and bring it to you.  George! get over here – we’ve got work to do!

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