A tired Queen receives some messages

The Queen sits wearily after a long day………

“Sorry to disturb you Ma’am” comes a voice from the doorway. “What is it?” says the queen lifting her sleepy eyes toward the direction of her reliable messenger.

“A couple of messages Ma’am” says the messenger…from the people. The queen takes a deep breath and nods a smile to her loyal servant “Bring them” she says and sits up in her chair.

“The first Ma’am” the messenger hands the Queen a scrap of paper.

Dear CenturiaSupport, I would like to apply for job as Gardener of AOC. I will go around and water crops that people neglect to take care of when they are there. And may I please have a raise for doing so? In centaurian coin?

The queen giggles a little and wonders why the messenger doesn’t share her mirth at the request. “I think they might not have been joking Ma’am…”

The Queen’s looks again at the scrap of paper and raises an eyebrow. “Well….were it possible, which it isn’t as the class scriber is out of town for at least a year….I’m not sure it is a worthy role….the watering of the crops appears to have brought people together to work as a community to improve efficiency in crop growing…..I like that…I’m not sure paying someone to do it has any contribution to that…..request denied.”

“There was a second message?” she asks and looks up again at the messenger.

“Yes Ma’am” the messenger hands the Queen another piece of paper…….

This time the Queen’s eyes light up and a beam of a smile appears across her face “Oh my! This is wonderful news…..what a wonderful request this is!” The Queen jumps up from her chair and does a little clappy hand dance running off to the office “Hurry messenger! There is work to be done! This is so exciting!”