A second shipment of recipes

Another message arrives from the designers to Queen Julala:

“We were so sorry to hear of poor George’s experience with that git Gary the seagull and his gang….terrible business.  To keep the second shipment of recipes safer we’ve decided to actually ship them to you this time by sea.  This should be a much safer option!  You should receive them by the morrow.  A pleasure doing business with you.”

“What a relief!” thinks Queen Julala, still concerned about poor George although by all accounts he is back out partying and fine again after his ordeal.  “This time the recipes at least will get here in one piece!”

Out on the high seas however, a storm is brewing…..uh oh…..

As the waves lap against the remains of a sunken ship….some slips of paper can be seen drifting across the water…..*gulp* one gets eaten by a fish…..one sinks to the bottom…..3 are left drifting in the waters off of Glenstorm….I wonder how they will ever be found….perhaps a fishing rod would help…..