Another important task for the Ranger

After days of battling, the Queen’s armour stands in the corner….freshly cleaned after the battles. It had been almost 2 days now and no new sightings. Julala reflects over the events of the last few days. How bravely her people had fought. Victorious on most occasions, only a couple of the dark creatures had gotten away and they hadn’t been seen since…..

Was it too good to be true? Had the threat been defeated? She knew that her healers had been working hard to tend to the wounded and those that had been turned back to good in the battles…..ridding them of the traces of darkness. It would be a task to help those poor souls find their way back to whatever families they have left. Julala knew that they may have to try to find the courage to welcome them into the Centauria lands as they had done before. There were plenty who had been turned in the Great War….and had managed to find relative peace in Centauria since.

There had been over a day where rest had been possible…….but she couldn’t be complacent…she had to be sure

George!” Julala called. George appeared at the window alert “Yes Your Majesty? Is everyone OK? Are we off to fight again?” “I’m not sure George and that is what we must know….I want you to take this message to the ranger Rayven….we have to know for sure otherwise we could think we’re safe and let down our guard too early. If the Ranger is well enough I want him to go out and scout around on the edges of the lands to see if he can spot those stragglers that got away. And to venture further into foreign lands to see what the word is….whether the threat is gone or whether we must stay alert and be ready for more

George tucks the parchment under his leg feathers and hopped off the window ledge. Julala watches as he flies off in the direction of Mount Pelion. She would wait eagerly for the return of news.

Rayven hears George outside and opens the door to greet him “Hail, George. Welcome to the hill. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” George reveals the message he carries for the ranger who receives it and gives a bit of carrion to George while he reads it… a look of understanding comes across his face and he addresses George “When you are finished eating, fly back to the queen and tell her that it shall be done.

He turns to the lady of Raven Hill “I am to head out into the wild land and look to see if there are still enemy stragglers massing for another attack of if this truly over. Take care of the hill, my love. he kisses Dove deeply and begins preparations for an immediate departure… after strapping on his armor and scabbard he takes Dark Bane in hand “Come, Dark Bane, we must go hunting.” he sheathes his blade and sets out

Dove kisses the Ranger as worry crosses over her face hearing he’s heading out. She holds tight to him “Please come back to me the same as you are leaving.” sighing softly she lets go and watches him prepare to go. She murmurs a little spell of protection as her Master leaves their home.

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