Market day brings exciting news!

The people of Centauria are gathered for the weekly market at Riverside marketplace.

(Edited from local chat)

Julala Demina looks up “Rayven!” She gasps! Persi startles “Ray is back!

Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest and lowers his head respectfully to the Queen… “Hail  Your Majesty!

Oh my gosh….what news?” Asks the Queen “I have been so anxious for your return brave Ranger

Marilina listens carefully

Everyone!” The Queen gets everyone’s attention “Rayven returns from a very important task!  This news could be very important for Centauria!

Rayven starts “I have been tracking these lands and have only found a few stragglers of the dark curse, but with the help of Fenris here and his pack we have herded them right to an invertitia bomb

The stragglers that escaped the last battle? You drove them into an Invertitia bomb?”  The Queen laughs

Holy…!!” Lil’s jaw drops “Good thinking about the bomb, milady!”

That was a smart move, Ranger” says Marilina

I knew those bombs would come in handy at some point” grins the Queen.

Rayven nods “All but one. The one who cut me with his cursed blade…..

The mage?” Lil asks

So you made yourself a couple of new friends?“, Miro says as he looks at Fenris.

Rayven tosses a cursed blade on the ground… “Him I gave to Dark Bane. My vengeance is complete.

LiL and Julala look at the cursed blade with interest

So….are they….gone?” What word from the surrounding lands?”  The Queen pokes the blade with her hoof

I have not seen any pockets forming so as of now I would say so” replies Rayven

Noticing the Queen touching the blade Lil starts “Don’t … Milady.. might be harmful” Julala looks at Lil and draws her hoof back from the blade

I think nobody should touch that blade nor the blood on it with their hands” adds Marilina

The surrounding lands could use some healers but they are recovering” Rayven continues

And the Queen nods “I shall send healers to help with their wounded and recovering

Lil turns to the Queen “If your majesty approves, I can go and make some rounds on the nearby areas to see where I can help?

Marilina thinks the Queen complexion is changing in color

Julala nods “We surely must be experts at healing the turned and wounded by now.  I think that would be most noble Lil…and take your student with you

I will, your Highness” nods Lil

Julala smiles at Marilina…..”I am fine” and sighs with relief

LiL turns to Rayven… “do you think I can.. keep that blade?  It would be interesting to see what I could find about that curse… the same one that ran through your blood days ago… I want to know

Rayven spits on the ground towards the blade… “Keep it, melt it, it no longer has baring in my life. Do as you will with it.

LiL takes her sash off her waist and picks up the blade with it

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am Rayven….I have been waiting so anxiously for word…daring not to hope” says the Queen, “This news you bring is great news…you have been so brave and courageous in protecting us….protecting Centauria”

Marilina and LiL nod in agreement… “I am glad to see you back, ranger”

The Queen continues “After your last return…well I’m sure dove and Emily are so pleased to see you back in one piece this time”  She pauses “So…I think we………again? Feels a little unbelievable

Oh lets hope so my Queen” sighs Marilina

Zipporah caws happily as  she sees her friend Poe is back.  Lil covers her left ear… “Yes, Zip.. yes…. if the Ranger is ok with it…

Rayven Firebrand calms Poe…”Yes my friend you can hang out with your friend, I don;t think Cinn will mind.

We need to celebrate!” states the Queen “We should have a feast to celebrate….to feed and drink….and a party! I shall send word and shall invite all our friends to join us

Marilina agrees “Indeed we sure do!  That will bring some cheer to all the community

I could certainly feast” grins the Ranger

I’m sure you could Ranger!” laughs the Queen

The Queen claps her hands with excitement “Then it shall be so….a feast and a party! Hoorah!” she shouts

Wooo hoohoohohohooo !!” shouts Lil

Persi sighs “It will be so nice not to have to worry anymore

We all should cooperate and bring the best of our land to it.” suggests Marilina “Yes!!!” agrees Lil

We can send word to the sea creatures, they will spread the news.  I will gather some fish, lobsters, oysters and bring them to the tavern keeper so that the cooker can use them to prepare delicious dishes for the feast.” Persi and Marilina excitedly plan

Indeed Marilina..that will be fabulous….feed our brave fighters….bring stamina back to our wounded and healing….maybe others can do the same” 

Lil pops her head in “I will bring some moon roses tea and strawberry mint drinks for everybody!

The gathering moves toward the Tavern as they plan the coming feast and Rayven goes to get some pizza from Miro the pizza maker.

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