Azulla’s encounter

While azulla was out gathering things for her late dinner she had put her small candy bag that she had gotten from little dixie earlier that day and a bag of obols apon her cart next to a little reaper plushie she had on the seat of the cart that snowy sat apon while she walked around centauria with her cart.  “There we go safe and sound!” She smiled at the white Raven apon her back that she called snowy.

Azulla walked away from her cart and leaned down to pick some veggys and herbs for dinner that she would need.

Within a bit azulla would jolt up hearing a loud croak of a crow from the feild next to the gathering area, she would look over at the crow while gripping the carrorts she had just picked, “w..well hello there big guy, you scared me haha..” She said her voice a bit shakey as she was still startled.

Azulla noticed the crow didnt respond like most the others.. “Odd..” She said to snowy “maybe its that crow that everyones been talking about miss azulla..” Snowy spoke out to her owner as she sat apon the mares back.

Just then the rustling of coins could be heard behind them azulla quickly turned twords her cart and froze in fear seeing a tall dark figure grabbing the bag of obols and candy she had apon her cart “Hey! Those are mine!” She shouted at the figure but within a blink of an eye the figure dashed back twords the woods tipping the cart over.

Shaken by the incounter azulla looked to snowy “we need to find the ranger…” She spoke out to the raven on her back before looking back to where the figure went “and fast…” She said having a tint of fear in her voice as she kept her eyes apon where it had vanished to.

Rayven and Azulla met up at the tavern at nightfall

Azulla: hello ranger sir

Rayven: Sir is unnecessary. Just call me Rayven

Azulla nodded softly… “Ok”

Rayven pulls out some parchment with a quill and ink to write with

Rayven: Now, I hear tell that you have something to report on the strange goings on here?

Azulla pets her familiar while looking at Rayven “yeah… I had been in cloudbirth getting some things for dinner and this large figure stole from me!

Rayven: Large figure? Can you describe him?

Azulla: Well… He was tall…very very tall..and slouched over…

Rayven: Hunched back or just bent over

Azulla: I’m unsure…it was dark and I hadn’t replaced my lamp on my cart…but it did seem like he got bigger as he left

Rayven writes down everything he is being told

Rayven: I take it that it was too dark to see further detail?

Azulla: Yeah.. although he was very quiet. or maybe I didn’t hear him over the crow…

Rayven looks at Azulla more intently

Rayven: Crow you say?

Azulla: Yeah, a large black crow was in the open field by the crops…he was very loud but when i spoke out to him he didn’t say anything…but he followed the figure when it left

Azulla looks at Rayven and frowns a bit “It’s kind of scary knowing someone is out taking things…

Rayven adds a footnote about the crow appearing to be this self same crow that is being reported on more frequently

Rayven turns back to Azulla… “Which brings me to my next question. What exactly was stolen?

Azulla pets snowy softly “Oh, he stole my pouch of obols….and oddly my bucket of candy I had gotten that day by little dixie

Rayven writes these details down

Rayven: These obols. They were new and still shiny weren’t they?

Azulla rubs snowys cheek and look at Rayven “They were in fact new, i had just picked them up for selling some rabbits and the buyer gave me shiney new obols

Rayven adds that to his report

Azulla: Oh! And he seemed to not want to be noticed. He ran off when I called out to him..

Rayven: Okay let me give you my theory. Know you the story of Hopping Jack?

Azulla snickers looking at him not quite believing the story “The story going around to scare kids?

Rayven: That’s my opinion as well. However though I don’t believe that the character himself is real, I do believe that someone is going around committing crimes in the name of Hopping Jack. Sort of using the legend to try to get away with petty theft.

Azulla’s smile slowly fades as she sighed softly “It’s odd though Rayven… Why steal candy? Obols I understand. I guess it was my foolishness that got them stolen but candy?

Rayven: Regardless, you need to be on your guard. Never count your money in plain view, keep from wearing shiny and sparkly objects like jewelry etc, and definitely do not carry around large quantities of sweets.

Azulla nodded softly “Alright…Guess I’ll be locking my door from now on…

Rayven: As far as the candy theft is concerned, I am theorizing that this thief is using that to help validate his story. He is pretending to be this Hopping Jack character, So candy theft is a necessity if you want your victims to believe in the legend and not the truth.

Azulla: I see….just sayin if this mystery thief steps in my home imma hit him with a bat!

Rayven: Keep your bat handy. Especially now. Samhain is a mere hour away which means the real threat begins in 25 hours.

Azulla nods “I will keep my bat with me at all times”

Rayven: A wise plan. But also don’t hesitate to come to myself or the warden if something else does happen.

Azulla nods “I will”

Rayven: Is there anything else that you would like me to add to the report?

Azulla shook her head no “Not really

Rayven: Well we are actively looking into all this. Hopefully your report will help speed things along

Azulla: nods

Rayven stands up and pounds his fist across his chest… “Thank you for letting me know this, and remember what I said.

Azulla looks up to him “hm..

Rayven: Something else?

Azulla shook her head “no” she smiled softly at the ranger

Azulla gets up and bow to him “thank you for hearing me out rayven

Rayven: Than I bid you a good night. Do you require an escort home?

Azulla: nah, I think I can manage my way home, I have snowy to keep me safe

Rayven: Don’t dally about. It appears that this thief is getting more brazen

Azulla nods “yes sir!” and nods smiling at him giggling softly trying to lift the mood

Rayven: smiles back

Rayven: pounds his fist across his chest… “Until next we meet.

Azulla: Until next time!

Rayven gathers up his papers and writing implements and thinks to himself as he watches Azulla depart… “Who ever you are out there terrorizing the taurs of this kingdom, I will find you and bring you down.

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