The mystery of the porridge recipe!

Emily Williams pulls out her recipe book and starts flipping through it, mumbling to herself “Something simple…” before she suddenly pauses and looks at the book, her eyebrows raising before her eyes narrow and her face flushes a bit, obviously not happy “Where is my porridge recipe?! It’s been ripped out!”

Elsewhere, LilCinnamon does her morning walk across the fields, a piece of parchment gets stuck in her hoof as she walks, without thinking shakes her hoof off of it and keeps walking on to check the crops….

Emily sighs heavily and closes the book, a bit harder than usual, and goes back to the fireplace, curling up with her usual fiction book and sipping her tea…..

A random piece of paper sits next to a rock by the road… hoof marks on it, what seems to be a ripped paper of a book… it reads “Recipe for Porridge… Ingredients…1 w….” , not so clear as mud has cover some of the writing.