Stand and Deliver!

A large group of taurs are hanging out by the Great Hall.

Lil Cinnamon steps back and widens eyes

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Stand and deliver! The lot of you!”

Tika Brune blinks

Emily Williams gasps

Lil Cinnamon gasps

Marilina: “Oh my!”

Tika Brune: “Oh it’s the bunny man!”

Miro: “Oh, so our mysterious friend finally decided to show himself”

Brytestar barks in alarm!!

Lil Cinnamon looks in her pockets “I…”

Humormii: “I have no pockets, sorry nothing shiny or sweet here.”

Marilina: “This doesn’t look good”

Lil Cinnamon: “You come and get it… Jackalope!” Takes her bow out and points an arrow at Jack

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “You jewels and candy or your life. Your choice”

Azulla Hoffmen looks in her bags for her bat

Orion Firebrand: O.O

Azulla Hoffmen: >.>
Azulla Hoffmen: <.<
Azulla Hoffmen: “I think I left it at home, Tika”

Emily Williams: “He can’t get us all”

Lil Cinnamon: “You’ve had enough candy from us already…”

Miro: “Leave them alone!” Miro steps in front of Cinn.

Tika Brune blinks as she watches the bunny man then looks over at Cinn “You have your bow goofy girl.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope fires a shot at the cervitaur’s hooves.

Emily Williams jumps and screams

Brytestar yelps and covers her ears, diving behind the sign post

Emily Williams curses that she left her bow and arrows at home

Marilina throws her tiara to the rabbit “Here! have my tiara and leave my friends alone!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Care to test an enchanted flintlock?”

Lil Cinnamon: “STOP!!!!! Do not harm them!!”

Azulla Hoffmen gasps at what Mari did

Marilina: “You got what you came for, now leave us alone!”

Miro tells Syr to go

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Make haste!” “In a pile before me, now!”

Tika Brune watches the shot hit the dirt at our hooves. “Well shooting the ground is not going to hurt anyone.”

Miro fires ice beams from his hands at Jack

Lil Cinnamon grabs a handful of chocolates from her pocket and throws them at the floor…. “Now go! you cannot get us all, Jack”

Azulla Hoffmen would snicker, one thing I know I left was my jewels

Marilina throws what she has to the ground in front of Jack’s paws

Hopping Jack O’Lope fires a shot at the chocolate bearer’s
hooves… “Care to make a wager on that?”

Marilina backs slowly

Brytestar packs her candies into the pumpkin bucket and rolls it across the path, too afraid to come any closer.

Tika Brune huggs and shakes her head. “Sorry but I don’t part with my shinies to bullies… Maybe if you asked nicely I would hand some over but never all of them.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Do NOT harm anyone or you’ll pay with your life, Jack. Everyone, just slowly do what he says… just candy. Nothing more”

Hopping Jack O’Lope points at the purple one’s head… “Today, you do”.

Marilina: “You are making this worse, you have a hostage situation here, so you better leave”

Emily Williams takes the candy from her pouch and lays it on the ground at his feet “Do not harm them.”

Azulla Hoffmen while looking through her bag she pulled out a book and chucked it at the rabbit

Orion Firebrand stands frozen with fear unsure of what to do.

Lil Cinnamon: “GO, JACK! NOW!!” fires an arrow at Jack’s hat

Miro follows Cinn and fires ice beams at Jack

Emily Williams looks at Bryte and motions for her to back up to a safe spot

Lil Cinnamon: “LEAVE US ALONE!!!”

Tika Brune sighs and tosses her bag of gems at the bunny man making it fly past him and hit the ground

Hopping Jack O’Lope returns fire at the centauride’s hooves… “Do not try that again”.

Brytestar skitters back behind Emily, holding onto her hat with both paws

Tika Brune: “And here I thought you were just misunderstood… I will make sure not to leave my bow at home next time.”

Lil Cinnamon: “The Queen will hear from this, Jack.”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa deftly changes his bolts to cold iron

Orion Firebrand snaps back into reality and steps in beside mom to hide Dixie

Emily Williams: “Look, all. He’s only shooting at our feet. He doesn’t WANT to hurt us. Something…seems off about that.”

Lil Cinnamon: “You had enough candy, AND shinies. LEAVE. NOW.”

Azulla Hoffmen would slightly look at Dixie then at the rabbit


Lil Cinnamon: “Leave!!!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope gathers up the booty and bows to the frightened taurs… “I bid you all good day. Fast As Fast Can Be…You’ll Never Catch Me!”

Tika Brune tilts her head to the side as she watches the bunny man trying to see if his movements were forced.

Marilina gasps “He poofed!”

Lil Cinnamon (LeeL1980): “Where… ???”

Azulla Hoffmen shivers.

Marilina: “What type of magic does he have?”

Lil Cinnamon looks left and right, confused.

Marilina: “He just vanished into thin air”

Lil Cinnamon: “Where did he go???”

Emily Williams glances back at Orion “NOW do you believe?”

Tika Brune: “Not sure he has magic… but maybe being controlled by magic?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Is everyone alright?? Dixie, are you ok?”

Miro: “I’m not an expert. but maybe teleportation?”

Brytestar holds onto the edge of Orion’s shawl but nods.

Tika Brune: “I’m alright just mad he took my shinies!”

Marilina: “Yes, except for all of our losses but that is not important than losing our lives”

Lil Cinnamon looks around confused

Azulla Hoffmen sighing softly she would look at Cinn

Tylaxis Yoshikawa watches the Jackalope run, keeping a bead on him until he is well gone, and puts the bolts away

Lil Cinnamon: “Where is Rayven’s big ass when we need him????”

Orion Firebrand looks at the ground in shock, opens his mouth but shuts it again and can’t find the words.

Marilina: “And where is the Ranger when he is needed”

Azulla Hoffmen: “At home maybe?”

Miro: “You should have let me deal with him, Cinn”

Brytestar: “He has to believe all of us….so brazen….middle of the day…”

Emily Williams: “Probably scouting elsewhere. That was…frightening”

Lil Cinnamon: “Well he kept shooting at our hooves, if you noticed, Miro. That’s no magic.” She sighs. “I can’t heal bullets.”

Orion Firebrand pats Bryte on the head and says shakily, “It’s alright, he’s gone now.”

Tika Brune: “Well it is the day after Halloween. He would have known we would all have something he wanted.”

Miro: “Really? I was too focused on him and you all.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Well… at least it was just candy, and some jewels.”

Marilina: “That was dangerous. What if one of those bullets bounced and hit one of us or maybe one of the smalls?”

Rayven Firebrand: “I heard shots.”

Marilina: “Now we know he is armed.”

Tika Brune sighs thinking about her lost jewels, “All my shinnies… now I am going to have to find more.”

Rayven Firebrand: “What goes on here?”

Aȥυʅʅα Hσϝϝɱҽɳ smirked softly and pulled out a bag of jewels she had stashed into her bags and handed them to Tika. “Here, mom”.

Tika Brune: “RAYVEN!”

Marilina: “Thank goodness the Ranger just got here”

Emily Williams glances at Ray “Oh, there you are son. It was him! He was here!”

Miro: “Make three times a guess who showed up and robbed us, Ray.”

Aȥυʅʅα Hσϝϝɱҽɳ jolting she looked at Rayven

Rayven Firebrand: “Him who?”

Tika Brune takes the bag of shinnies and hugs them tightly “Thanks Azulla, but you’re lucky he didn’t know you had them.”

Brytestar whispers: “JACK!!!”

Marilina: “We were just robbed”

Brytestar: “JACK WHO!”

Miro: “Your he’s just a hoax I thought of Jack”

Lil Cinnamon: “Ok Rayven. If you come up with your ‘Hopping Jack is not real’ thing this time.. I swear I will shoot an arrow at you too.”

Tika Brune: “I agree with Cinn.”

Lil Cinnamon: “He just robbed us!!!! Candy, shines…”

Azulla Hoffmen snickers and leaned on Tika “He’s a foolish bunny for not checking bags”

Tika Brune: “That damn bunny just pointed a gun at my head!”

Rayven Firebrand: “Wait, what?”

Miro: “Cinn was glad that I went between her and him”

Marilina: And not only that he pointed a weapon on us

Lil Cinnamon: “…And shot at our hooves. Look at the holes on the floor. I shot an arrow at him, he returned the favor.”

Emily Williams: “There are bound to be bullets on the ground”

Tika Brune: “Should have shot lower Cinn, and hit him not his hat”

Lil Cinnamon: “We were too many to be taken down I guess, but he took some of our stuff… Yes, Tika… I should have.”

Miro: “I used my ice powers, and he returned them.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Wait wait wait. Back up and speak calmly. You aren’t making sense.”

Tika Brune: “How are we not making sense? Jack showed up, pointed a gun at us and took our shinnies and candy.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Alright… This is what we are gonna do.. One by one, give a report to the ranger.. You are gonna listen to us all, Ray”

Azulla Hoffmen huffing at the ranger she would lean down and pick up a bullet that was in the floor at her hoofs and chucked it at Rayven

Miro: “Who first?”

Rayven Firebrand: “Are you trying to tell me that Hopping Jack is real and the shots I heard were his?”

Emily Williams takes a deep breath and slowly releases it “Hopping Jack was here. He showed up, pointed a gun at us, and demanded our candy and ‘shinies’. He shot at Cinn’s feet.”

Tika Brune: “YES!”

Marilina: “YES”

Lil Cinnamon: “Don’t you see the bullets on the floor??”

Orion Firebrand stares at the ground still patting Dixie’s head, trying to calm himself

Rayven Firebrand: “And you are sure it was actually Hopping Jack and not some thief in a jackalope disguise?”

Tika Brune: “It’s time you opened your eyes ranger.. Jack is getting more dangerous every day. Smacks her forehead with her hand as she listens to the ranger.”

Miro: “We all were talking casually. then all of a sudden that maniac appeared out of thin air”

Azulla Hoffmen would softly whistle making her raven snowy take her blanket and fly it over to both orion and dixie having snowy drop it on the two as Azulla always bough blankets way to big for her she hoped the blanket would help calm the two

Emily Williams: “Considering his mouth was moving, I’m not entirely sure how it would be a costume. Also, no matter if it was or not, the bullets were VERY real.”

Rayven Firebrand takes a deep breath… “One at a time, tell me what happened?”

Tika Brune: “Orion You used to not believe but you saw him as well. Tell your brother we are not all mad.”

Miro: “Right, who’s gonna go first and tell him their story?”

Brytestar: “Um…I’ll go first?”

Miro: “Right, Bryte first. lemme do mine after her.”

Emily Williams: “I have already, so anyone else go.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Tell me true, little pupper”

Orion Firebrand nods but says nothing, not making eye contact with anyone

Tika Brune tilts her head watching Orion.

Orion Firebrand releases the pup hesitantly

Miro: “step up to Ray if it’s your turn, how about that?”

Brytestar steps out from Orion’s side, wringing her paws a little bit. “I’m sure it wasn’t a hooman… I could smell him, he smelled like…like hare, and gunpowder, and magics. He hopped right in front of all of us, and pointed a big gun. I gave him my bucket of trick or treats…I had been hunting, he must have followed me back to you all, I’m sorry… And he SHOT at Emily and Cinn, until we ALL gave him something….and Orion and Emily hid me. And then he POOFED and was gone…like smoke…”

Lil Cinnamon nods and listens intently

Miro: “Maybe he knows teleportation or something, if I might add”

Rayven Firebrand looks at the wee pup in disbelief and concern then looks at everyone… “Is this true, everyone. As Brytestar has said?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Absolutely true.”

Emily Williams nods “Completely”

Miro rolls his eyes and facepalms.

Tika Brune: “Yep”

Azulla Hoffmen: “Mhm”

Tika Brune: “There was a bit more to it than just that but yes she is being truthful”

Lil Cinnamon: “Did anybody else notice anything we have not mentioned?”

Miro: “You ok to continue, Bryte?”

Brytestar: “I didn’t see nuffin else…Orion got between me and Jack. Next person can talk now.”

Rayven Firebrand looks at Brytestar and scratches behind her ear… “I believe you and your nose. We must bring this jackalope to justice.”

Lil Cinnamon: pats Dixie…. “Good pup”

Brytestar smiles a little nervously at Cinnamon.

Aȥυʅʅα Hσϝϝɱҽɳ: “oh! -Azulla looked at the ranger- one thing stood out!”

Tika Brune: “Well he was polite at the end…”

Miro: “Right… we all had our casually chit chat when all of a sudden this maniac came out of nowhere. Miro walks over to where Cinn stood at the time”

Lil Cinnamon pats floor at Dixie, inviting her to sit and calm down a bit

Tika Brune glances over in the direction Jack was and spots a floating figure. “Whos that?”

Miro: “Cinn stood here. and when he aim his gun at her, at went between them, ready to take the bullets. Jack stood all the over at the tree. Miro points at the tree on the other side near the library”

Tika Brune blinks and shakes her head slightly as the figure vanishes.

Miro: “He then told everyone to give him their sweets and jewels and what not. Cinn and I fired warning shots at him only for them to be returned by him.”

Azulla Hoffmen looks at tika “You’re seeing things, mother”

Miro: “I didn’t notice that. I was too focused on him and the others’ safety.” Miro looks back at Syr “What you say? oh, didn’t know” Miro looks back at Ray. “He also had a crow on his shoulder”

Rayven Firebrand looks at Cinn… “You were right though I refused to believe you. Forgive me.”

Lil Cinnamon nods at Rayven accepting his apology. Zipporah nods at Syr and caws slowly on Cinn’s ear, and Cinn widens her eyes at her.

Miro turns around to the others. “Was there really a crow on his shoulder?”

Aȥυʅʅα Hσϝϝɱҽɳ: “Yes”

Tika Brune: “Mhmm”

Syr does and annoyed sound

Emily Williams: “Yes. A large one”

Lil Cinnamon: “Zipporah says it was the same crow that’s been going around mysteriously. He was at your place, Ray”

Rayven Firebrand: “So he was working with Jack”

Tika Brune lifts a brow hearing Cinn’s words then looks to the ranger.

Lil Cinnamon snaps her fingers…. “That damned crow!!! He’s been distracting us all!!!”

Rayven Firebrand: “But why was he on the hill with such frequency?”

Brytestar: “Maybe….listening to the gossip? To learn about us?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Zipporah thinks it was because all the ravens were on duty…”

Tika Brune: “Watching us to see who had what they wanted?”

Miro: “Maybe he thought we wouldn’t notice him under all the others.” Miro looks back at Syr “Huh… oh… yeah good idea”

Lil Cinnamon: “Remember that day at Bard Circle? All the ravens were sent out to look for Hopping Jack.”

Miro turns back to Ray “Ray, Syr might have something to say to you”

Tika Brune: “Yep”

Rayven Firebrand: “Speak Syr”

A male voice would echo in Ray’s head. “Would it be possible that I can stay at your place? since it’s where everybody’s crow stays. Maybe that makes it harder for our mysterious friend to gather information.”

Lil Cinnamon rubs Dixie’s back gently.

Brytestar leans on Cinnamon’s flank

Emily Williams walks to Orion and strokes his hair “It’s ok, son. There’s nothing wrong with being cynical.”

Rayven Firebrand: “The hill is a place of sanctuary for all of our avian friends. You would be most welcome, Syr”

Syr would flap his wings and make noises “Thank you. Let’s hope that makes it harder for him.”

Orion Firebrand scratches his neck and mumbles quietly “Yeah.”

Syr would calm down and Miro would step away as he had said everything. “Right. Who’s next?”

Lil Cinnamon: “If anyone wants to go ahead… otherwise I go.”

Tika Brune: “Go ahead Cinn”

Azulla Hoffmen would look away shaking her head

Miro would send Syr away to ray’s cave before laying down besides Dixie

Lil Cinnamon: Alright, it all happened very quick. Same as the others, we were chatting and talking about candy, when this Jackalope came out of the blue and pointed the flintlock at us, demanding sweets and jewelry

Lil Cinnamon: Miro stood in front of me, I attempted to shoot an arrow to him, but he shot at Emily’s hooves, and then at mines… you can see the holes on the floor there, and there. Cinn points at the holes on the floor.

Rayven Firebrand: “Cinn, as the closest thing to a Hopping Jack expert I will need your assistance and Orion as my biggest supporter and brother, I will also need yours. Be on your guard all of you. I don’t think he is finished. Cinn and O, we will take him down together.”

Emily Williams glances at both her sons, and one of her dearest friends “Please, all of you, be careful.”

Lil Cinnamon: “I will help as much as I can, ranger. He took some precious things from us also, Marilina’s tiara… the rest was just candy…. I think.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Mom, are you alright? Are you ALL alright?”

Miro: “Would laugh if that tiara was fake. but I guess not.”

Tika Brune: “…And my gems.”

Emily Williams: “Physically, yes. Just shook up. He didn’t harm any of us. It was as if he really didn’t want to hurt us.”

Zipporah flutters and caws loudly wanting to talk

Lil Cinnamon: “Yes, Zip, yes….”

Orion Firebrand glances at Rayven, takes a deep breath and nods solemnly

Emily Williams: “Go on, Zipporah”

Tika Brune: “I didn’t think he would harm any of us when I refused to give my gems and then he pointed his gun at my head.”

Miro overs dixie to come closer

Lil Cinnamon: “She says he followed the crow for a while, right after I got robbed right outside of my house. And indeed he’s been observing each one of us in our homes, even. Pointing at the Jackalope to where the good “stuff” is.”

Rayven Firebrand: “From now on, no one travels alone.”

Brytestar settles up against Miro and grabs one of his hands to hold.

Lil Cinnamon: “Travel buddy, everyone. Pick someone.”

Miro puts his arm around Dixie

Rayven Firebrand: “Always travel in pairs and have each other’s backs”

Tika Brune: “He just attacked a group of us.. Are we even safe in pairs?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Maybe don’t leave our bows at home anymore…” She squeezes Em’s shoulder gently.

Azulla Hoffmen: “I felt safer alone. He was afraid of me in the garden when i met him, he wanted nothing to do with me there, yet here he wasn’t afraid”

Marilina: “I do most of my travels under water, I don’t think he will step under our waters.”

Lil Cinnamon: “I don’t think he will, Mari”

Tika Brune nods to Cinnamon “That is a mistake I shall not make again.”

Emily Williams nods at Cinn “Indeed. I will remember it from now on”

Rayven Firebrand: “But still always travel with a buddy regardless”

Lil Cinnamon: “If I might say….. if you don’t have any candy, you are not of interest for him… of course I am not sure about it, but if the story is true… that’s all he wants”

Brytestar: “Rayven…what do we do if we have nothing to give him next time?”

Rayven Firebrand: “Attacking a group shows desperation. I am not sure his heart is truly in this”

Marilina: “I thought he would have been gone already, it seems he has plans to stay”

Tika Brune: “I thought it was candy and shiny things?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Samhain and Easter, Mari….. might be the season.” Cinn nods at Tika “Candy and shiny things, yes”.

Rayven Firebrand: “I suspect that he has a nose comparable to yours, little pup. He’ll smell it, so I wouldn’t travel with candy on your person and keep you jewels and shinies out of plain view.”

Azulla Hoffmen would look at the floor hugging herself “I don’t think I’ll be leaving my home anytime soon…”

Lil Cinnamon: “He probably wouldn’t risk it if there was no bounty to collect”

Brytestar nods. “Yes ranger, okay.”

Lil Cinnamon: “We need to get him, Ray. We have to.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Don’t give him a reason to come calling and I am sure he won’t.”

Marilina: “How can we convince him that we have nothing to hand over, he must think we are lying.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Well.. we had some sweets on us. Bryte had all her candy… I had a few chocolates on me…”

Tika Brune shakes her head “I will tell you as a thief myself… Him attacking all of us here like this.. there had to be a reason. Thieves don’t take on large groups unless they have no other choice.”

Miro speaks up. “Wait… so you say that he might be a pawn or something. Like… he doesn’t act on his own?”

Marilina: “So is better to carry at least something”

Lil Cinnamon: “Hmmm….. that makes me think, indeed… he must be desperate. What Miro says is true… he must be really collecting for the Fae.”

Rayven Firebrand: “If the legend is true, then no, he does not act on his own.”

Marilina: “He sounded desperate.”

Lil Cinnamon nods at Mari

Miro: “Well, you’re the one who thought about it, Ray”

Azulla Hoffmen: “Oh” -she would look up- “ranger, may I say something I found odd?”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι raises a finger, “Um… Question.. What do you think would happen if we went to him instead of hiding and hoping he doesn’t come for us?”

Marilina: “I mean we have heard of him being around but it is the first time I see him with a gun.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Tell me, Azulla”

Lil Cinnamon: “Ella!”

Tika Brune nods “No thief in their right mind would attack a group like this unless they were full of themselves or were being forced. Like a loved one being held captive or something they can’t control. We prefer to stay in the shadows and not be seen.”

Marilina: “I think Tika is right”

Lil Cinnamon: “It makes sense”

Miro: Heyo, Jules

Marilina: She’s got a point there

Tika Brune: Greetings Queen Julala.

Lil Cinnamon: Your Majesty!!

Emily Williams glances backwards and nods respectfully “Your Majesty”

Julala Demina: “Hello everyone, what is going on here?”

Marilina: “Greetings, Queen Julala”

Miro: “Make three times a guess who decided to rob us, Jules”

Julala Demina sees everyone a little stressed and upset

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι: hi Cinny. Hello, Your Highness.

Tika Brune looks to Raven to let him tell the Queen.

Lil Cinnamon: “We are out of candy AND shinies, Milady…”

Marilina looks around waiting for someone to explain to the Queen what just took place

Tika Brune: “Greetings Ella.”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι nods a hello to Tika

Rayven Firebrand: “Apparently they were robbed by Hopping Jack. And I wasn’t here to protect them.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Hopping Jack was here, and robbed us all. AND disappeared in a poof like magic.”

Rayven Firebrand: “I have failed, your majesty”

Julala Demina: “Oh goodness!”

Tika Brune: “Apparently?”

Miro: “I tried to protect them, Ray. remember?”

Marilina: “He took a great cargo with him”

Tika Brune sighs and shakes her head.

Julala Demina: “Nonsense Ranger……you do not fail”

Lil Cinnamon: “Ray, don’t…” She sighs “This Hopping Jack doesn’t leave a trace to follow…”

Miro: “Apparently, Ray? Dixie here is all shaken and traumatized, and you say apparently!!??”

Marilina: “My Queen he is dangerous now he threatens with a weapon”

Julala Demina: “Calm yourself Miro”

Brytestar: “Rayven you came as soon as you heard! That isn’t a fail…”

Tika Brune: “He pointed his gun at my head!”

Lil Cinnamon: “And shot at our hooves”

Marilina: “Yes he pointed the gun and shoot to the ground”

Emily Williams: “Everyone, CALM DOWN.”

Rayven Firebrand: “But I wasn’t HERE!”

Miro takes a deep breath and tights his grip on dixie a little.

Lil Cinnamon: “You were ON duty, Ray!”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι: “What if… she grins “…what if he were to swipe a piece of candy with a tracking enchantment on it?”

Tika Brune: “Rayven you didn’t know he was going to show up did you?”

Emily Williams: “Son, you cannot be in all places at once. You failed nothing.”

Julala Demina: “Well he probably knew that, Ray. Let me think… we need a call to arms?”

Lil Cinnamon: In all honesty… I think Hopping Jack must have been avoiding, you… though”

Miro: against a pawn, Jules?

Tika Brune: “Maybe set a trap for him?”

Julala Demina: “A pawn?”

Marilina: “The Queen is right, maybe someone was watching where you were, Rayven, and told him somehow that you were at a far distance from us.”

Miro : “Yeah, because he looked like he didn’t act by himself”

Lil Cinnamon: “That damned crow… he should have been spying for him.”

Marilina gasps. “The healer is right, it could have been him”

Rayven Firebrand: “I’m afraid if we do a wide scale call to arms he will disappear completely”

Tika Brune (Matika Brune): “I bet that pesky crow of his told him you were in no place in sight”

Julala Demina: “How many Roonwits do we have here?”

Lil Cinnamon: “I agree. If we create a big movement, he will be just gone.”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι: “He won’t if we set out something he wants”

Lil Cinnamon: “Candy and shinies.”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι: “Or, something he thinks he wants”

Julala Demina: “I wonder how we might set a trap”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι thinks

Lil Cinnamon: “Fast enough to catch him….” she adds

Miro: “not sure a camera would do much”

Rayven Firebrand: “Brilliant idea, your majesty. Combat magic with magic.”

Tika Brune: “I have ideas, but not sure it’s safe to talk about such things out in the open. No telling where that crow may be.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Cameras are probably useless at this point. We already know he exists.”

Miro: “Good point”

Lil Cinnamon nods at Tika…. “Zip… you know what to do” Cinn sends off her white familiar.

Miro: “I might be in Glenstorm, Jules. but I can help with my ice magic. Imma send him straight to the next ice age if necessary”

Emily Williams looks up at Arky “Help the other avians keep watch. Report to either Ray or the Queen if you see ANYTHING suspicious”

Marilina: “I can only throw at him tomatoes from Cloudbirth, I don’t think that will help much.”

Emily Williams watches as Arky flies off

Miro: “Syr should be able to help too. He has the same powers as me.”

Tika Brune tilts her head and whispers to the small falcon on her arm. Nodding slightly before lifting her arm and sending the bird on its way.

Julala Demina: “This concerns me greatly… Ranger, do you have a suggestion of how to handle this next?”

Rayven Firebrand: “None, truly”

Lil Cinnamon: “I think we need to put efforts into track him”

Sighing softly, Azulla would get up and head over to the tables near the tavern to clear her head.

Emily Williams: “How can we track a creature that can simply vanish?”

Lil Cinnamon: “We need to figure out a way, maybe the Roonwits will help us with some sort of magical trap to catch him”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι: “I agree with Cinny”

Julala Demina: “So if we think a large group would just spook him…what about we split into small groups and search the lands?”

Rayven Firebrand: “From what I am told, he moves in a manner unnatural and in all the shots I heard fired, no one said that he even reloaded”

Tika Brune lifts her head “Your majesty I have a question.”

Lil Cinnamon: “He did not reload”

Julala Demina: “There is magic at work here for sure”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “I have a small question of any knowledgeable lore keepers?”

Miro: “Maybe his gun is not human made, now that you said that”

Julala Demina: “I think we must gather the Roonwits…”

Rayven Firebrand: “I agree”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι nods

Lil Cinnamon: “It looked like a regular flintlock, Miro but …” she looks at the floor “…where did the bullets go?”

Rayven Firebrand: “We need to trap him”

Julala Demina: “Do you have a question, Tylaxis?”

Miro stands up and lifts Bryte onto his back.

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “Do fae curses have the same allergies as the fae themselves?”

Lil Cinnamon listens and widens eyes…. “Tylaxis… you mean iron???”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “Cold iron”

Rayven Firebrand: “Interesting question, but I doubt it since he himself isn’t a fae”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “That is why I ask, but I don’t ask for using it on Jack…”

Julala Demina: “Well… we must not forget… The fae have saved us in the past and… we should also not forget… that your Queen has fae blood in her veins. Tika… also have a question?”

Tika Brune: “Yes, is there any place in Centauria that no one ever goes? That would be like, out of view of others and what not?”

Marilina: “Has anyone checked the mine?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Ray, your Majesty, if I may…” Cinn raises a hand

Emily Williams: “The fae gave me the abilities to change, and my true name. They’re not all bad.”

Julala Demina: “I believe we can find a solution to this… We have overcome worse assailants that this Jack fellow”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “I doubt the goodly fae cursed Jack.”

Emily Williams looks to Cinn

Rayven Firebrand nods

Miro: “Maybe it wasn’t even the fae we know”

Lil Cinnamon: “The legend suggests.. that he’s cursed, by the fae.”

Julala Demina: I wonder…..

Tika Brune lets out a soft sigh.

Lil Cinnamon: “I wonder if we can find a way to break his curse…”

Julala Demina: “OK, I need us to form a plan to catch this Jack”

Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι: “How do you break a fae curse?”

Rayven Firebrand: “Sounds like unseely work.”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “I agree, Rayven”

Julala Demina: “And I….. will see… if there is anything I can do to reach out to these fae folk”

Lil Cinnamon: “We need to find him and somehow find out how… to get to break the spell”

Brytestar holds onto the back of Miro’s jacket and listens quietly as they talk.

Miro (MiroAIIB) looks back to make sure Dixie is ok

Julala Demina: “Nobody walks alone….carry shields if you wish. I suggest you form into small groups….”

Emily Williams: “Well, there go my early morning walks”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa goes back to being silent, whispering to Tika.

Tika Brune: “Sadly I don’t think that will keep others safe either.”

Julala Demina: “I will reach out to the fae from the land I visited earlier in the year…maybe they will be able to shed some light on this Jack”

Tika Brune listens to Tyl and nods her head softly before leaning over and whispering back to him.

Miro: “And maybe teach you how to break the possible curse on him”

Julala Demina: “Your priority while I make my investigations is to stay safe”

Emily Williams: “Your majesty, do you want me to try to contact the fae from my childhood?”

Julala Demina: “Yes please Emily…all avenues should be explored”

Emily Williams nods

Julala Demina: “Ranger…is there any more information you need?”

Rayven Firebrand: “His location”

Tika Brune: “My question may help figure that out.”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “Tika gave insight to possible location.”

Lil Cinnamon: “I will help you and Orion to track him, …as you mentioned before, Rayven”

Julala Demina: “Yes. There are the old caves… check there too please Ranger”

Orion Firebrand: “I’m going to help. I’m going to do everything in my power to help. We need to catch him.”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa puts the cold iron bolts back into his wrist sheath

Julala Demina: “I shall get going to send a message to the fae that I know. Stay safe everyone”

Emily Williams looks towards Tika “You have a question, yes?”

Tika Brune: “I asked if there was any place no one ever goes here. If he is a thief, he’s going to have a camp and he’s not going to want to be in any place he might be stumbled upon.”

Lil Cinnamon bows politely at Queen Julala.

Julala Demina: “Yes, Tika’s suggestion is a good one… Hence I suggest you check the old caves. I shall away and get my messages sent”

Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest… “Until next we meet, Your Majesty.”

Miro looks after Jules

Tika Brune leans over and whispers to Tyl once again

Miro: “Well… now what?”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa listens and whispers back

Tika Brune: “I think I shall gather my daughter and head home. Take care, all of you and good luck.”

Emily Williams: “If you all will excuse me, I’m going to go look through my mother’s things and see what I can learn about the fae from my childhood.”

Tylaxis Yoshikawa: “good day to you all and good hunting

Miro: “In that case, Imma bring our little pupper here home.”

Lil Cinnamon: “So many emotions in one day. I am gonna head home as well… ranger and Orion, if you want I can meet you later and figure out how to track Jack”

Miro looks back at dixie. “uhm… where is your house?”

Rayven Firebrand: “O, go with mom”

Tika Brune: “Come, Azulla let’s go home. It’s not safe out here for any of us.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Yes Cinn we will need to meet later and plan”

Orion Firebrand: “But I…” stops and nods. “Alright. Let’s go”

Lil Cinnamon nods

Aȥυʅʅα Hσϝϝɱҽɳ would look at Tika slightly having her book open as she was wrighting a phrase “im fine here, i have snowy”


Emily Williams: “Don’t worry, I’ll be locking the door”

Orion Firebrand: “Okay.. I don’t think he’d rob us in the house, anyway. But after today, I guess we don’t know what he’d do after all”

Emily Williams: “Very true. I’ll speak to Dragon about setting some guarding wards around. That should help Ray feel better since I’m so often here alone. Go find him and Cinn, and reassure him that I’m home safe.”

Orion Firebrand: “Okay, sounds good. Stay safe and send word if you need anything.”

Emily Williams: “I will. I love you son.”

Orion Firebrand: “I love you, too”


Brytestar slides off of Miro’s back. “Thank you very much! Pine Nut will keep watch for me here.”

____ End of RP____

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