Stinky Consequences!

George Junior shuffles on the window ledge “What is it George?” Queen Julala asks “You’ve been fidgeting all day”

George Junior huffles and puffles and sighs “Something I heard at the Crow Bar Your Majesty…..that Grackle…is a loud mouth especially when he’s been drinking…..but….he was rambling about something that sounded somewhat disturbing last night….”

“Disturbing in what way?” asks Julala, stopping what she is doing and focusing on George. “Urrgh…I never know how much of what comes out of that bird’s mouth is rubbish…but…..he was suggesting that some respected members of our community have….been…..dabbling….with the darkness” Julala face falls “George….if we are in danger I need to know” George sighs again and proceeds to tell what he had heard from the drunkeness at The Crow Bar. Julala grows anxious and concerned, her brow creased and the colour drained a little from her face “George…please send word to our healer and the Fortune Teller that I wish to see them in my office at their earliest convenience….I need to know the facts and what has been happening….if this is true”

“Aye Your Majesty” George flies off in the direction of the community lands.

Lil Cinnamon is finishing a note for the courier. After the incident on Market day, she couldn’t deliver her produce to Mae and she needed to do so. “Zipp, please find @Brytestar , deliver this note and let her know I need her to come pick these apples as soon as possible”. She tucked the note onto Zipporah’s pouch and holding her in her arm, she opened the door, sending the white bird on her way. Cinnamon was about to close the door, when she saw George approaching from the direction of the Queen’s castle. “Oh no…no no… Hope is not what I think it is…” Her heart sunk, remembering the… ritual from the other night. Hesitant, she greeted the raven. “H… Hi, George… What brings you around here?

Greetings Healer… I hope you are well. I bring a message of great importance from the Queen. She requests your presence, together with the Fortune Teller at your earliest convenience. Please make arrangements to visit her majesty in her castle as soon as you can.

Cinnamon sighed and shook her head, saddened. “Of course…” she answered, bummed. “I’ll let Jez know, we’ll come see the Queen this afternoon. Thank you George” The raven bowed politely and flew away.

Cinn closed her door and sat by the fireplace, totally bummed, with her head between her hands. She knew this time was going to come, sooner or later. But she just wished the Queen had heard about the incident from her in person, and not from… “Wait …one …second. How… or better said from WHOM …did the Queen hear about it????” She stood up, grabbed her bag and trotted off to @Jezebelle Queen ‘s place, to tell her about the audience.

Cinn knocks on Jez’s door.. “Come on woman!”

Jezebelle groans “Five more minutes, I need my beauty rest!”

“You are gonna lose it in about 10 minutes anyway…”

“OH HELL, that was today?!”

Come on, stop playing dumb… “ Cinn drags Jez outta bed

“Ugh, fiiiine. Not even time for tea…”

The two centaurides make their way to the Queen’s castle.

Queen Julala brews some tea and awaits her visitors.

Julala Demina: “come in ladies”

Cinnamon: “Your Majesty…” bows politely.

Jezebelle Queen gives a courteous bow. “Hail, Majesty.

Julala Demina: “Do come in and help yourself to some tea

Cinnamon gasps as she sees the goblins…

Julala Demina: “You can come closer….they don’t bite.

Cinnamon serves herself a cup of tea.

Julala Demina: “Do take a tea, there are lots of flavours

Jezebelle Queen graciously accepts the offer of tea.

Julala Demina sighs “thank you for coming to see me so quickly

Cinnamon fiddles with her cup…

Julala Demina: “It’s a little bit of a sensitive matter you see, and I’m hoping just the ramblings of a drunken night at the bar”.

Cinnamon looks at Jezebelle and listens…

Julala Demina: “So… I had heard… something very disturbing, and I’m sure you’ll be able to reassure my worries.”

Jezebelle Queen waits for Julala to finish.

Julala Demina: “…you see… I had heard that there had been some dabbling with the darkness… and that….well….that there was a bit of a drama. Would either of you know anything about this?”

Cinnamon’s cheeks turn red… “Um…” She looks at Jez again.

Julala Demina notices Lil blushing in the face

Cinnamon leaves her tea on the floor and stands up… “Your majesty… I…”

Jezebelle Queen nods solemnly. “Would that I didn’t. Though ‘dabbling’ might be too strong a word. It was supposed to be a routine divination.

Julala Demina raises her eyebrows and listens

Cinnamon’s eyes widen at Jezebelle. “Alright! it was my fault… I can explain!” Her face blushes even more.

Julala Demina looks from one to the other

Jezebelle Queen “We were hoping to prize some glimmer of the past from a sword, the one the Ranger brought back with him. We didn’t expect… You tell her, Cinn.

Cinnamon looks at jez and lowers her eyes… “I should have known better, your Majesty…. I.. didn’t mean to put us all in danger… Well… not all… all of us… but… all… Jez and me… and well…” She fiddles with her fingers nervously.

Julala Demina: “Please…just tell me what happened and are we safe?

I… I think I need to tell you everything, my Queen

Julala’s face looks worried as the two fumble around in front of her.

Jezebelle Queen calms her nerves with a sip of tea and nods once more “Safe as houses.

Cinnamon: “We are safe… I think. I asked Jez to help me look into the magic of that dark sword that pierced Rayven

Julala Demina shakes her head a little and blinks

Cinnamon: “I’ve been meaning to help finding bits and pieces of his past and, well… he risked his life for us so I felt I owed him

Julala Demina: “You mean the extremely dangerous sword…

Cinnamon nods embarrassed

Julala Demina: “The one we don’t really know enough about to be …playing with?

Cinnamon: “I thought… I never expected that blade to be that powerful, because it didn’t look like it…

Julala Demina: “The one that you were charged with keeping safe? That sword?

Cinnamon: “Yes, your Majesty” she bows her head and sobs. “I… we… saw some visions, I think we are safe, however”.

Julala Demina: “Please don’t cry… the rugs have been dry cleaned”.

Jezebelle Queen picks up from there. “The ritual backfired. Overloaded the circle and spilled that sword’s evil energy over us. Quick thinking on Cinn’s part and invertitia saved us.

Cinnamon dries her eyes with the back of her hand and nods at Jezebelle

Julala Demina feels her anxiety rise as she hears the story

Jezebelle Queen “If I’d just been better prepared… I needed those capacitors…

Cinnamon continued: “The sword spilled darkness onto Jez, so I took my amulet and placed it around her neck… But then the darkness tried to take me…

Julala Demina stops drinking her tea

Cinnamon: “I heard ‘her’ voice, your Majesty. And she showed me episodes of my own past… whether it was the curse on the blade, or really ‘her…’ I don’t know, but… it felt very real

Julala Demina feels a bit sick “You spoke with…’her’.”

Cinnamon: “From there, Jez absorbed the darkness out of me, then I managed to bring her back with more Invertitia, …and wrecked half my house in the attempt

Julala Demina puts her hand to her head

Cinnamon: “I am not sure if it was really her, or not…

Julala Demina: “but you thought it was?

Cinnamon’s face saddens at her life’s memories “I thought so, your Majesty

Julala Demina: “Goodness this is very serious. There has been no evidence to suggest Vitrolia was killed, neither any to suggest she lives. This is very worrying

Cinnamon looks at Jez… “She saw different things. Didn’t you, Jezzy?

Julala Demina looks at the Fortune teller.

Cinnamon sits down, cleans her eyes and sips on her tea to calm herself down.

Jezebelle Queen grimaces. “It may be small reassurance, I admit, but the ritual doesn’t always give true seeing. It can be very susceptible to suggestion, conscious or not. Vitrollia may not have spoken to Cinnamon at all, but… I don’t think we can take the chance. We may need to unbury the past still further.

Cinnamon gasps, her eyes widen.

Julala Demina: “Well….let’s just put the brakes on there for a moment. I mean…..seriously….both of you could have been turned!

Cinnamon says quietly “We were… for a moment…..” Her face sinks

Julala Demina: “Right now I could be sat here alone knowing that 2 members of my community had been turned and gone rogue. Two very important members at that, plus…..we would possibly have had to kill you. Just think about that for a moment”.

Cinnamon sobs a little.

Julala Demina looks down to the floor and shakes her head. “YOU are so important to me, both of you. Now….there are two things here: One is the possibility that Virolia is still alive… and certainly that the sword has more information to give. The other is how flipping careless you’ve been.

Cinnamon: “I…. don’t want to mess with that sword anymore…” she looks at the floor.

Julala Demina: “Honestly it’s the thought that I could have lost you both that makes me the saddest and most angry. You were both very lucky. I… and we all… are very lucky… that we didn’t lose you both. And not even thinking of the damage you both could have caused had you both been turned” The Queen puts her hand on her forehead again.

Cinnamon places her cup on the floor and sits very quiet…

Julala Demina sits quietly… thinking… biting her lip.

Jezebelle Queen “Apologies, majesty, for our delay in bringing this to you. How does one even begin to tell someone about something like this? Grackle’s indiscretion notwithstanding.

Cinnamon widens eyes… “What!! Was it Grackle?????? ahhhhhh” groans and facepalms.

Julala Demina: “Well, Grackle indiscretion was in my favour, it seems this time. OK, let me first consider the issue of the sword. We need rules, ladies… we must have boundaries… risk assessments. So I propose… in the first instance, NO more unplanned fiddling with the sword.

Jezebelle Queen: “You have the right of it, we were reckless, we could have hurt more than just ourselves. We may have had the best of intentions, but we made a dangerous mistake and the consequences we have already suffered…” the amulet at her breast gleams as if to punctuate her point “…may not make amends.

Cinnamon nods. “Yes, your Majesty

Julala Demina: “Well….first, I want assurances from you no meddling with the sword

Jezebelle Queen: “Done. I swear it.

Cinnamon crosses her heart. “I swear.

Julala Demina: “I can see that the sword has more information …but we don’t know it’s strength” The Queen looks at Jez.

Jezebelle Queen: “Strong. I think with a more powerful circle I might have contained it, but it would have taxed me greatly.

Julala Demina: “Assurances Jez. Because if and WHEN I feel I can trust you both to look into the sword further… it WILL be in safe conditions. It will be with others around. With a plan.”

Cinnamon nods and looks at her hands… “Yes, your Majesty“.

Julala Demina looks sternly at Jez awaiting her assurance. “I can’t lose you!

Jezebelle Queen: “I swear it, twice and thrice, upon my power and my honor, such as it may be.

Julala Demina: “Good. So… we will form a plan to look further into the sword. Now… what to do about you two…

Cinnamon gasps. “Oh… gods…

Julala Demina: “You have to know how important you are here. I just could not manage without you both……BOTH of you are incredibly important. To me. To the community. And I feel really saddened that you very nearly made the biggest mistake ever. So… as a gesture of your assurance, and to show me that I can still trust you… I have asked Ronald and Grizzle here to spend some time with you.

Cinnamon’s eyes widen.

Julala Demina: “For 14 days… I wish you to carry them everywhere you go

Cinnamon squeals “WHA.. WHATTT…??

Julala Demina: “EVERYWHERE. And they will report back to me that you are indeed trustworthy”.

Cinnamon: “But .. Your Majesty! They stink!! and they… they… urgh!!

Jezebelle Queen blinks. She hadn’t expected that.

Julala Demina: “Stand up, please

Ronald…” Queen Julala Gestures to the goblin. ”Please alight onto Lil’s back

Cinnamon: “Oh… no… A goblin …stuck to my centaur ass! Ohhh gods……..” Covers her face embarrassed.

Julala Demina: “Grizzle… please make you way onto Jez’s back

Cinnamon: “Oh my gods… WHAT?? Do I need to carry him??????????

Julala Demina: “You need to carry them everywhere you go for 14 days

Ronald does a very stinky fart on Lil’s back.

Cinnamon: “OMG. OMG. O… M… G…” covers her nose.

Grizzle pulls Jez’s hair
Grizzle does a wet fart on Jez’s back

Cinnamon: “Jez! did he just…..!!!?????

Ronald does a big burp.
Grizzle screams in her ear for no reason

Julala Demina: “Boys boys… I want you to behave

Cinnamon facepalms herself

Ronald wriggles his boney ass around on Lil’s back
Grizzle wees a little bit and watches as it runs down Jez’s back

Cinnamon: “Oowww!!
Jezebelle Queen gasps “Why you…!

Julala Demina hides her slight smile.

Cinnamon: “Ronald!! you stinky goblin son of %&$#@%… urgh!!!” She sighs.

Julala Demina: “So….I am confident that the reports back to me will be favourable

Ronald eats biscuits, dropping crumbs in Lil’s fur.

Cinnamon: “My rump! My precious shiny coat!

Jezebelle Queen: “I’d half expected to be turned into something unsavory at the end of this. Somehow this is worse.

Cinnamon: “Well… do you want this or the shackles, Jez?? While shoveling 7 tails cow poop…

Grizzle picks his nose and wipes the bogeys in Jez’s hair. He wriggles around digging his boney ass into Jez’s back.

Jezebelle Queen: “I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Julala Demina: “So….now I am assured. I hope that you will take this in the spirit it is given….see it as a task to regain my trust that you will stand by your assurances.

Cinnamon: “You definitely have a sense of humor, Your Majesty” says unamused.

Julala Demina: “I am very glad you are both still here…and not turned to the darkness

Jezebelle Queen plans to write a SCATHING poem about Grizzle when this is done.

Cinnamon raises her hand. “Your Majesty? I have a question

Julala Demina: “Yes Lil

Cinnamon: “Do you expect us to feed them as well? because I have no idea what goblins eat

Julala Demina: “Well you can…and they will eat quite literally anything

Cinnamon hopes Ronald is vegan…

Julala Demina: “…But they are resourceful and will maintain their need for food. But you know…..maybe feeding them will endear them to you and make them behave better. Who knows…

Ronald pokes Lil in the back

Julala Demina: “They must not leave your backs, ladies”.

Cinnamon sighs…. “Yes, your Majesty

Jezebelle Queen: “Thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust, Majesty. I know despite the…. nature of the punishment, you do not offer it lightly.” She groans as Grizzle yanks her braid. “It’s not my place to be asking favors just now, but if you see Grackle, please do tell him to come home. I fear he’s avoiding me after letting slip the truth.

Julala Demina: “I shall indeed. Enjoy their company…

Ronald pokes Lil in the ribs

Ronald pokes Lil in the back

Ronald pokes Lil in the ribs

Cinnamon: “What???, RONALD, WHAT!??

Ronald does a very stinky fart on Lil’s back

Grizzle shouts “Faster Centaur, faster…..” kicks her hard in the sides

Jezebelle Queen: “Ow! Oh you and I are going to have WORDS, Grizzle. And I’m a Bard, I know all the best ones.

Julala Demina smiles “Was there anything else ladies?

Cinnamon: “Thank you your Majesty…” gets pinched… “I will try hard to not… Ow! disapppoint you again, ever… OUCH!!… I promise!! Hey that’s my .,, Ouch! Nothing else, your Majesty”.

Julala Demina: “Good day ladies… and thank you for coming to see me” The Queen smiles and gestures to the door.

Cinnamon tries to bow but the goblin is pulling her hair. “Thank you your Majesty

Ronald shouts “Lil is a VERY naughty Centaur!!!! Go on….ask her why!

Grizzle kicks Jez and giggles about it.

Cinnamon raises a finger to Ronald. “Don’t you dare… Lets go, Jez… lets… ow!… go

Jezebelle Queen shudders as Grizzle wees on her back. “Ew… Th- thank you, your Majesty. I shall endeavor to er, ‘bond’ with this…. Precocious scamp. Perhaps in the river…

Ronald picks his nose and wipes the bogeys in Lil’s hair.

Cinnamon: “EWWWWWW!!!

Julala Demina: “Fare winds, Jez

Grizzle pokes Jez in the ribs
Ronald wriggles around digging his boney ass into Lil’s back.

Cinnamon and Jezebelle walk out of the Queen’s castle.

Jezebelle Queen: “THIS IS THE WOOOOOORST!!!

Cinnamon: “Oohhhh come ooonn… seriously??? this is just embarassing! I’d rather shovel cow poop… Well, maybe not. But still…

Grizzle wees a little bit and watches as it runs down Jez’s back

Jezebelle Queen: “Ugh, I’d almost rather we were turned into chickens or something. Julala’s sense of humor is downright evil. I have to say I admire that, a bit

Cinnamon: “That, she has

Grizzle whispers “Jez… I need a poop….but I’m not allowed to get off…..hold still while I lean to the left a bit…

Cinnamon: “Ah…” she sighs. “I am gonna go home and make dinner… If I can even manage to do it with a goblin on my back

Jezebelle Queen: “I best go looking for Grackle. Maybe the extra pair of eyes will help. If I can get him to STOP PULLING MY HAIR YOU BUGGER

Cinnamon: “I am even tempted about sending Zipporah with you… but that’d be just cruel…. for her I mean

Ronald wriggles his boney ass around on Lil’s back
Cinnamon: “DUDE get settled already in my rump!!! need a saddle for goblins, URGH!

Ronald wees a little bit and watches as it runs down Lil’s back

Cinnamon: “GODS…….

Jezebelle Queen: “Yeah, the situation’s not that desperate yet. He’s gone on benders before, I’m sure he’s fine…. I hope.

Cinnamon: “I hope….. wait til I see him…. friggin’ Grackle… Alright… I am gonna go…. I am somewhat relieved… not as much about the visions though… at least we know what we are up against

Jezebelle Queen: “He saved our butts, please go easy on him. At least until I get my hands on his feathery arse.

Cinnamon: “I’ll let you go first” she laughs. “Take care Jezzy…. see you around

Jezebelle Queen: “Aye, you as well!

___ END OF RP ___

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