Your Majesty:

As per your request, I have documented the complete recipe for Invertitia, it’s been tested, and with the help of Kumi’s druid abilities, have completed the tasks and spells for the Moon shrine. We have made sure that all the ingredients can be found within the lands of Centauria, even though it will require for many of us taurs brothers and sisters to join efforts to gather them to be able to combine it’s four different parts.

When the potions are correctly made, the result will be an amulet, a blue magic stone that shall be loaded into the potion cabinet for storage. I believe 100 of these amulets should give us enough protection to carry to battle… if it is to happen again.

I suggest to you, Milady, to start manufacturing these amulets as soon as possible. Also as instructed, I have made several copies of the recipe and the blueprint of the sword, and placed them in a chest at the library for everyone to take.

I attach in this note a copy of the recipe for your record, a finished amulet for your Majesty’s protection, and cornflowers, also known among the realms as ¨Centaurea¨, the main ingredient of Invertitia. Which I have added in a bigger dose to the formula, due to their magical property to transform hate and fear into love, hope and prosperity.

I await your further instructions.

Cinnamon, the healer.”

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