The Queen addresses the community

The Queen arrives at the Great Hall where a number of the community already gather.

Welcome everyone, we will be starting shortly…I know you are all concerned …

Kumi slows to a trot as she grew near the Great Hall. She didn’t want to be all out of breath when she arrived. Pulling her lips back into a smile she nodded to everyone she passed and found a spot in the crowd where she could hopefully see and hear the Queen well.

LiL fidgets with her necklace while she waits for the Queen to start the meeting

Nalo sat, realized she was holding her tail like a foal, quickly shifted positions. She had only seen the great Queen twice.

Rayven pounds his fist across his chest… “Hail Taurs
Rayven! I am so glad to see you here” smiles Lil, Julala smiles, happy to see Rayven up and about.
Dragonwolf looks over, “Yes Rayven, glad to see you’re feeling better.
I was driven stir crazy being laid up” replies Rayven

Nalo notices there are so many beings – some which the poor mer had never seen before.

The Queen clears her throat.  “Welcome everyone, come in, come in, gather close together so you can hear me
Ҳídα shuffles in. Marilina goes to stand next to her sister. Persi pushes herhair out of her face; turns and smiles at her sister

The Queen looks lovingly at her wonderful community…..feels a lump in her throat as she prepares to deliver her important message.

My dear community. Centaurs, you wonderful diverse demi-humans, beasts and friends. We have lived in such wonderful peace here in Centauria for so many years since the Great War.
Today….I have grave news that might indeed mean our time of peace is coming to an end.

You’ve been hearing the rumours……and I know you’ve been worried…..and as my message to you yesterday confirms – there are indeed dark creatures roaming the lands beyond our realm and we fear that they are moving this way.  Rayven the Ranger has seen them….and was injured by them. Has has been gravely sick as a result but I am happy to tell you he is on the mend and he is here with us today as a result of some excellent healing from our dear friend and healer Lil Cinnamon.

LiL bows politely

We do not know where these dark creatures have hailed from…..we do not know if they are remnants that have spread – creatures that were missed in the Great War……..or whether they have been turned from the source…since the Great War. We do not know….whether Vitrolia is in the living still.

What we DO know is that we must prepare ourselves. Let us NOT FORGET that we WON the Great War! We are not in the same position as we were back then. We know how to make Invertitia and we know we can BEAT this should we need to meet it head on again!

NOW! Lil has been busy with healing Rayven and I understand that she has improved Invertitia to a point where Rayven quickly healed from his infection. I have asked her to document the recipe for this new enhanced Invertitia so that we may make more.  We have tasks to do my people.  WE NEED TO PULL TOGETHER!”

[Rayven becomes lost in his own mind as his ordeal replays before his very eyes]

LiL Cinnamon takes out a rolled up scroll
The Queen stops and looks to Lil “Is this the documented recipe Lil?
Yes Milady” Lil replies
Wonderful….you have been diligent and efficient in putting it together! I thank you again…from the bottom of my heart

LiL comes closer and hands the scroll to the Queen. The Queen takes the Scroll and Lil bows and steps back.

Queen Julala holds the scroll above her head and continues

We need to work together to raise our stocks of Invertitia and weapons.

We will need as many of you as possible to WORK as a TEAM – Roonwits and Cloudbirths especially – to gather the ingredients, follow the recipes and make the components for the new Invertitia.  Remember your roots Roonwits and Cloudbirths – YOU are born from the resistance groups who developed Invertitia. As I understand it these ingredients will then be infused into an amulet by use of a magic pool. We need 100 of these amulets – 100 will keep us safe. As soon as we have the recipe documented you’ll have full instruction on what is needed and how to do it.

Marilina nods

DragonWolf of Ashwood-Roonwit shouts the Roonwit chant:

LiL Shouts the Cloudbirth Chat!
Ʊ Cloudbirth Ʊ
Ʊ Cloudbirth Ʊ
Ʊ Cloudbirth Ʊ

“Glenstormers – I now speak to you!” The Queen continues “We also need weapons!  We have a new blueprint of a highly strong sword of folded metals that can will also be laden with the Invertitia. We have discovered caves deep within our lands that have the metals required to make these swords. You will need to find and mine these metals with a few other ingredients and then take them to the blacksmith’s in Glenstorm to make them into the new swords. 100 swords!”

Rayven shouts the Glenstorm chant!

“Don’t worry my friends….full instruction will be given to you on what you need to do and how to do it in the coming days. You will need to work as a team to achieve this great task – but IT IS FOR OUR LIVES! OUR FAMILIES! OUR CHILDREN! OUR PEACE TO REMAIN IN CENTAURIA!”

Some of the audience are seen nodding.

“Once we have 100 amulets and 100 swords we will be ready. READY! for whatever comes to threaten our peace here on Centauria. We will be ready for what comes NEXT!”

Nalo is roused by the speech for these beings she has only just met

The Queen softens her voice “Now…..a word to those of in our community who carry the shame of being turned before……YOU are our friends! We trust you and we love you! Do not let your shame isolate you from us all – we are your FAMILY! AND WE STAND TOGETHER!”

LiL feels fired up and ready to defend her homeland along with her brothers and sisters of Centauria,

Rayven Shouts “AHOO!

My wonderful Community. The time has COME! In the coming days you will receive FULL instructions. We can DO THIS!

LiL holds her fist up “YEs we can!!
Marilina gives a mer scream

Shouts and chants come from the audience


Ҳídα shouts yay


Ʊ Cloudbirth Ʊ
Ʊ Cloudbirth Ʊ
Ʊ Cloudbirth Ʊ

Nalo spins in a frenzy
LiL Screams “wooo hoohoohohohooo !!
Ҳídα joins in screaming “woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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