The Queen enlists the Roonwits…..and will need much more…help!

Queen Julala trots hastily across Mount Pelion to the cave of DragonWolf, the leader of the Roonwits.

Julala Demina shouts: KNOCK KNOCK
Julala Demina pokes her head inside the cave
Julala Demina shouts: Dragonwolf!

She can’t see anyone home and then suddenly…..*whooooosh* she feels herslef rise up into the air and float out of the cave and up up up onto the cave roof!  She is plopped back onto her feet as she see the mighty Dragonwolf standing there in front of her…

Julala Demina: ah Dragonwolf! Good to see you!
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: You too!!
Julala Demina: I have a matter of great urgency to discuss with you
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: Oh, well you have my complete attention!

Julala Demina: “you remember the…..”*looks around….. and then whispers* “Hopping Jack?” She peers around making sure they are not being watched
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: I do remember this mystical creature.
Julala Demina: “well…we have news!  The Fae from Longridge got back to us with very important information and we have the makings of a plan…….”*moves in closer and whispers* “capture him!
She looks a Dragon and nods with wide eyes “but we don’t think there is a material in this realm that would hold him
DragonWolf of Voidthorn leans in to hear better, ears perk with excitement
Julala Demina: and she has this…..odd raven with him….who appears to be his sort of…jailer…certainly has some influence and power over the poor thing….
Julala stops for a moment and then adds “you might wonder why I say …”poor thing”… transpires that Jack…isn’t the rogue he is made out to be and actually has been duped by the unseely fae…..shhhh …..”  Julala hears something and looks to the left….”ok…it’s nothing…..yes…Jack …honestly has had some misfortune in all of this…..”

Suddenly Juno, Dragonwolf’s cerburus, makes a terrifying noise beside Julala causing her to leap about a foot in the air!
Julala Demina: jeepers Juno…you made me jump
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: I apologizes for that, Juno can be very intimidating.

Julala smiles nervously feeling her heart come back to her body “so….we want to trap the hopping fellow and we need you… bring your magical brilliance…and perhaps gather some of your finest Roonie mages to develop a magical trap, something that will hold the jack-a-lope securely

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: I have traveled to many places. Some so distant they seem it could take a life time to get back to.  I will gather my things, call out to all Mages and Roonwits so we may gather and come up with a solution to our Jack.

Julala Demina: one thing we had thought about, is that we need to lure him to your trap….
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: Do we know what might work? Food? Shiny objects?
Julala Demina: Yes! we will need to gather as many precious stones and sweeties as we can and present it as an offering….it’s something others have tried to apease him and something he will respond to I think
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: Ahh I see. Very good.
Julala Demina: so….we must act with some haste ….Ostara is upon us……I will gather as many of our people as I can to collect sweeties and gems while you work on the trap – once we have all the pieces in place….” She smiles “I think we can do this!”
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: I beleive we can as well!
Julala Demina: excellent…I have great faith in you Dragonwolf….you have not let us down with your magical skills and I believe you will not let us down now…..let’s do this! She places her hand on Dragonwolf’s arm
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: It will be done my queen.
Julala Demina: ok, if there is anything you need please do ask….otherwise…I shall rally the people to start collecting the lure…good luck!
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: I will put the call out to gather the Roonwit’s post haste.

Julala Demina: ….now….if you wouldn’t mind….helping me back down to the ground with that clever witchery of yours, she smiles
DragonWolf of Voidthorn: I absolutely will.
Julala Demina: “thank you……arrrgrh”

Julala finds herself lifted again and dropped gently back down to the cave paths…..she makes haste to the castle to write an announcement……

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