The Turning of the Ranger

The day started as any other day. I was outside on the hill feeding and communing with the Ravens and the faeries. The sun was out and the goddess Zephyrus was blessing us with a
nice, light, cool, spring breeze. Nothing was amiss, until I saw him. A wee leprechaun who goes by the name of, Michael O’Flaherty. Me being an hospitable centaur I greet him with a cordial

He smiles at me, tells me his name and asks if I knew of a place to find a drink.

“Greetings to ye, laddie. Would ye appen to know of a place where a wee leprechaun like myself could go for a pint?” Michael says.

“As a matter of fact I happen to brew my own, down in the hill. I just finished a barrel of stout, just yesterday,” I reply.

“Tat would be grand indeed, especially if you’d be generous enough to pour a draught for a wee fellow like myself,” Michael says again.  I smile at the wee leprechaun and reply, ”It would be my pleasure.” Then lead him down to the hill entrance.

After he finished his first pint he licks his lips and says to me, “Why tat’s a mighty powerful brew you be makin’ ere. Might I trouble you for anoter?”

I chuckle at the leprechaun and pour him another pint. I mean how much can a little leprechaun drink? Well after he drank my entire barrel (really where does he put it?) I soon learned the
answer to that question. Suddenly he starts looking at me and begins to talk to… well no one, really.

“Janey Mack, would you look at te size of tat fella? And wat is wit all te black? Aye, wat is wit all te black, boyo? You look all doomy.”

“I’m a black centaur. Just how I was born,” I respond to him.

“But ye look absolutely depressed, laddie. Ye know wat, I ave just the ting to make ye appy.” And before I have a chance to say anything, Michael snaps his fingers and I transformed
into a tiny green centaur with a black cat upper body, red hair and dressed like a leprechaun! Then the wee bugger climbs on my rump laughing all pleased with his “Fine” work.

“Don’t ye be worrying now boyo. All will be normal come te 18th. For now ave a wee bit o fun wit te new you. Ye don’t need to be a gloomy sort, laddie.’

And that is how I ended up looking like this. *gestures to his entire body.*

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